I Am Rich

Can you believe how my stash of solid fabrics has grown?  I think often of how I am inspired by people who just use what they have and make art (like the Gees Bend quilters.)  I try to emulate that, but the truth is, I can (and do) go and buy fabric when the mood strikes.  But I am not referring to being rich in fabric (which I am.)  I am rich in so many other ways.  I am blessed with good friends, and my best friend went and bought me 1/3 yard (my favorite amount to buy) of almost every kona color imaginable!  That whole first row was a gift from my BFF!  As I told her, it was so fun to receive such an extravagant gift, but more than that, it made me feel that this new venture was validated, and it made me feel loved.


Here is the first little ‘art quilt’ that started my venture into using solids.  I finished embroidering the words, quilted it, and then used the backing fabric to do a quick machine binding.

Here is another way I am rich–my two little furry friends.  They are quite the pair–Sophie the dachshund was from a rescue organization, and Mr. Monk the pug came from the local pound–they gave him to me half-price because he was a senior citizen.  He is a jewel!  Do any of you use quilts for chair covers?

I am thoroughly enjoying my venture into ‘housetop’ quilts.  I have finished 4 tops already, and am in the midst of  quilting them.  Fun!

6 thoughts on “I Am Rich

  1. I’m jealous of all that solid fabric. Have you checked out Gwen Marston’s Liberated quilt books?? You need to. I like your small quilt. I need to stretch my wings a little and do some designing…

    • Yes, I think it was your comment last week that made me go and check out the way she hand quilts. I love it! And am planning on incorporating some of it in these housetop quilts.

  2. I find it so fascinating how the finish on this little quilt has made such a huge difference!! I love color, design, pattern… and the first photo of this, before it was quilted, was “nice”, but plain. Now it pops!! I love that effect. Thanks for sharing your little projects, I enjoy seeing them.

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