Where to Start?

Well, when I last posted on this blog I was getting ready for a trip to the big quilt show in Paducah!  So much has happened since then (quilting-wise) that it seems overwhelming to try to go back and report on it all.  So I decided I will just start from where I am today.  I really would like to make a habit of posting my latest quilting adventures as they happen.  By quilting adventures, I mean “what I am working on today.”

This is a close-up of a quilt I started embellishing when I was in Kentucky.  It started as a mish-mash of odd sized squares of linen, silk, cotton, and wool, all pieced together.  Somewhere I got the idea of putting the kantha stitch embroidery circles on top of it.  It is moving along quite nicely.  The pictures I took at night all came out too yellow, so I will try to post more photos tomorrow.

Anyway, I do like doing this kind of simple embroidery.  I find it very relaxing, even though it is time consuming.  I love picking out the colors of perle cotton that I will use for the next set of circles.

The name of the quilt is “And the Angels Sang.”  I plan to outline the circles with some of the angel’s songs found in the Bible, using white perle cotton.

So.  I have a lot of perle cotton.  Here is some of the ways I store it.  Somewhere on the blogs  I saw this suggestion–hanging loose threads on large rings.  Works perfectly!  And pretty to look at.

A wooden box I found at a thrift store.  Wish I could find more!

And a couple of plastic boxes.  I particularly like the one with the purple handle.  They are in the tool department at Walmart.  Very nice sturdy box, and a very good price compared to some of the expensive craft boxes found at Joann’s and Michaels.

And that’s the report for today.  I hope to have more to report tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Where to Start?

  1. I just had fun looking up Kantha stitch on google. LOVE it!! And I love the design of your quilt piece you showed here, juxtaposing the circle and square shapes, and the straight lines with the dots (knots). I was taught that successful design included a mastery of “repetition and variation”. And you’ve sure mastered that!

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