Better Pictures

Better pictures of  the quilt featured in yesterday’s post.  BTW, this is a small quilt, about 24″ X 30″.  I went outside and draped the quilt over a planter to get these close-ups.  You can really see the sheen of the silk and the texture of the wool in these pics.=


Inside, on my design wall.  It is interesting to me to see how the circles are much less prominent from a distance.  Not sure that is a good thing, as they do take a lot of work.

And now I am off to finally get some work done on this quilt.  I have not had my hands on any handwork all day long, and I am itching to get at it!


One thought on “Better Pictures

  1. This is definitely a piece of art to be enjoyed up close and personal, to see all the detail and texture!
    And by the way, since I saw your last post where you mentioned kantha stitching, I decided to include some kantha “doodling” to a design I’m doing on the walls of one room in my home. It’s fun to find places to add that running stitch, and doing the little repetitive kantha “stitch doodles” gives it a lot of loose movement. It will be a long project, as I’m just doing it in snatches, but I’m taking occasional photos, so will one day share it. 🙂

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