Steady Progress

Not much to report today.  I am making steady progress on the God Speaks quilt, or the red quilt as I call it for short.  I am really starting to like it now.  The circle of spirals over the abstract squares is more stylized than I originally envisioned, but I like it.  There are a few more spirals to fill in, but I started working on the grid because I knew it was going to be a lot of boring quilting.  I don’t mind boring for a while.  But at this stage in a quilt, I am done.  I had the idea, I played with the colors.  Time to move along…

Having a goal of making 20 of these housetop quilts by October is good for me.  It keeps me working steadily on them until they are finished instead of moving on to the NEXT.  FUN.  PROJECT…

4 thoughts on “Steady Progress

  1. The subtle pattern in the fabrics of both the reds and the whites… I like this a LOT! From farther away, it appears more solid, but up close it gives a surprising treat for the eye, and just adds another layer of interest. 🙂

  2. I’ve been away for a while and over the past two days, I “caught up” with you. First at your health and happy living blog, and now I’ve found this one. I even did a little research on “housetop” quilts, since I’d never heard of them — being a nonquilter myself. It was good research, seeing as I now worship in a Mennonite church. Quilting seems to be part of the DNA of the ethnic Mennonite people.

    I do love this quilt. It speaks without words, but the still small voice following the whirlwind is there, indeed. I also love the quilt with all the little surprises — the housetop quote in the middle and the other little verses. I blew it up on my computer screen to read them.

    I also love Rudyard Kipling. I used a poem of his in the introduction to the theodicy paper I had to write for clinical pastoral education. It wasn’t a strict theodicy. We were tasked with resolving the existence of suffering and God, as opposed to evil and God. Related, of course, but not the same. It was a hard assignment. Rudyard helped.

    • Always so good to hear from you Debra! Yes indeed, some of the most influential quilters in the modern quilt world give credit to being taught by Mennonite women!

      I’m glad you like this quilt. I have gotten more fond of it as it progressed. And there will be visible words on it. I chose the four dramatic places that God spoke in the OT (burning bush, whirlwind, still small voice, darn–can’t remember the other) anyway, the phrases will be embroidered around the perimeter with more circular lines. One of the phrases that is the most intriguing to me is what he said to Elijah. So many parts of that story are so familiar, and I have heard many different sermons on it, but I don’t remember much being made of the pointed question God asked: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” That is a good question for us in many different places and situations in our modern lives, don’t you think?

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