I took a little detour from the “God Speaks” quilt to finish up another quilt.  I needed to think a bit about how I was going to put the words around the central image in the quilt.  Sometimes it helps to let the quilt just hang on the design wall and think about it.

Here is the quilt that I finished up while letting the other one rest.  This one was almost finished, and the words were all planned out, so it was just a matter of getting them stitched in place (no thinking or creating needed at this point.)  I do love this quilt.

I made myself a rule that I can have no more than 2 unfinished housetop quilts going before I can start a new one.  This is a good rule for me, as I often have a new! exciting! idea!, and finishing a quilt can be a bit boring.  This way I continue to make progress on my goal of twenty finished housetop quilts by October 1.  Wow, that’s coming up quickly–I’d better get stitching!

4 thoughts on “Detour

    • Oh yes, I guess I hadn’t written about that yet. There is a church in Folsom that supports the arts, and they have invited me to have a gallery showing in the month of October! 20 is just an arbitrary number that I came up with, but I think it would be a nice body of work.

  1. This is gorgeous, and worthy of honoring the King.
    I especially love the way the lines in the corner elements are not stiff and symmetrical. But they are more relaxed and uneven, yet flow together, with little bits, bigger bits, unexpected color combinations… kind of like life, eh?

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