Travel Quilts

I always have to have a little quilt to work on when I travel. Its my version of a security blanket. Usually I don’t have that much time to work on the quilt. But I usually manage to take a few stitches, and I find that just by having the project with me I will sometimes find new inspiration or a new direction for the quilt.

For this quilt I wanted to use this cool fabric for the background, and I knew I wanted to add some colored circles on top, and then to do a lot of hand stitching on them.


Before this trip to Haiti I had been reading Colossians 1 every morning. Many of the words became very meaningful to me. I continued to read it while I was there. So that is how I got the idea to add some of the phrases to the quilt. A little different than my other quilts, as they are not complete verses, but just phrases, and they are not even in a particular order. I like it.


Also, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. I don’t really like using fusible, and I found that I can very neatly hand-stitch the circles in place, using simple decorative stitches. Big score!


I think I will heavily hand-stitch the background on this one too, as you can see in this picture.


And here is something I have done on my last few projects. I always machine baste my small quilts, and by turning over the back and basting it in place, I have a very neat edge that keeps things nice and tidy.


Most of the work you see was done after I got home, and sat in my big chair with two little dogs on my lap. I am thankful to be an American.

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