More Double Wedding Ring

I thought I’d share a little bit more about the process that goes into my ‘double wedding ring technique.’ LOL. Its not really a technique. Its just the zigzag stitch. Here is the quilt that I pieced during my carpal tunnel surgery.


It was fairly simple to position the squares on the background piece and place one pin to keep them in their place.


And then I simply zig zag stitch around the edge of the piece, trying to catch one thread beyond the square so it will look neat, and so there will be minimum shredding of the fabric. I experiment and adjust the zigzag to the size I want. On my machine (a Janome 6500) that seems to be 3.0 and 1.2. You can see that I like to use a heavier thread and also a variegated thread sometimes. I think it just adds an interesting design element. Plus, it makes it a lot more interesting for me!


I zigzag around each square, and just gently lift the corner of the overlapping square as I go by it. Sometimes I have to manipulate the stitches a bit to go around the corner, but I’m not going to attempt to describe that in words.

And pretty soon, one block is completed.


Here is one more DWR quilt that I have made. I decided that these jewel tones went well with a beautiful large floral print that I had, and I cut those flowers out and fused them in place (even though I don’t like fusing that much!)


Here’s a close-up of how I just stitch carefully along the edge of the fused flower.


And a close-up of the quilting on the DWR. You can see I chose another variegated thread for this.


And one more close-up showing the bubbles that I quilted in the dark background. Gotta say, that was not fun, quilting with dark thread on a dark background.


So that’s my adventures so far with the double wedding ring. I have used raw edge zigzagging on some of my other art quilts, both in the piecing and directly in the quilting. And I like it very much.


3 thoughts on “More Double Wedding Ring

  1. Oh, I really love these double wedding ring quilts; my fav is the one with the dark background and the flowers. And I’ve always noticed your use of variegated threads. I like it very much!

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