Moving Right Along

I have been working very consistently on my little “travel quilt.” That is the quilt that I took with me to Haiti to work on while I was there. BTW, you can take sewing needles with you on the plane. So I stuck three needles in the quilt sandwich, and I took some pre-cut threads with me. I actually never took a stitch on the airplane or in the airports. But I had my security blanket with me!


All the words are on the quilt. And most of the circles have been embellished with embroidery.



I decided to outline the squares in the background fabric with perle cotton. And then I am filling in the rest of the background with very close parallel lines of stitching.


I made a pieced back for the little crosses quilt and put the sandwich together. I’ve started doing echo quilting around the crosses. I am machine quilting this one, since there are so many seams. I will embroider the words after all the quilting is done. And if it needs it, I will add a little hand stitching embellishment. Its been a very full day. I’m off for some lap time with the doggies, and maybe just a bit more hand stitching.

2 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

  1. Before when I saw this one, it had a sort of plain interfacing behind the circles, and since I couldn’t see your “vision”, I didn’t really like it. :-O
    Now, it is fascinating, with all the little stitching and wording added, and the embroidery on the circles.
    Paintings almost always go through the “ugly duckling” phase before they turn into a swan. It never occurred to me that quilting might have something similar! I have learned something new.

    Anyway, I love it now. 🙂

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