Quilting Break!

On Monday this week, I was driving around. I had a lot of extra events/chores/writing/duties in line for the week. I was thinking about how I hadn’t gotten a stitch of quilting done that day, and the thought suddenly occurred to me, “take a one week break from quilting.” So instead of being upset that I was not making forward movement in my quilting, I would feel free to get all these things done, without resenting them for ‘keeping me from my quilting.’

It has worked out great. I am still thinking about my quilting, both current projects and future plans. And I will definitely be ready to pick up where I left off this coming Monday. I got all my chores and duties done, and I do believe I enjoyed them more because that resentment wasn’t there the whole time. What I didn’t expect was that I would fill in the spare time with some of my other hobbies that I still enjoy but never have enough time for.

I have been spinning yarn:

And knitting:








And finally got back to my rug hooking! This is always so exciting, because as you can see, much exuberant color is involved. I do truly enjoy rug hooking, but it does take a little space to get it done. So in my small studio-house (I just came up with that. I think I will keep that description. It takes the pressure off of trying to make it a ‘perfect’ house,) there is not really enough space to rug hook and quilt at the same time.




These are some of the ‘tools of the trade’–strips of wool cut with a nifty cutter–it cuts three even strips at the same time. Don’t all of us artists just love a good tool?


And also taking up a little of my time this week is attending to the never-ending needs of these guys. This is a picture of them lined up by the wall heater. They love it when I turn it on.


I’ll be back on Monday, with lots of quilting! Have a good weekend, and be sure to make time to take a stitch or two!









One thought on “Quilting Break!

  1. I’m glad you’re back hooking again. ::snicker:: Yes I am a 12-year-old boy deep down! But seriously, I love your rugs, and yes, THE COLORS! So pretty! Also, thanks for showing the wool strips…no joke, as I was reading your post I thought “I wish she would show the material that makes the rugs” and then you did! 🙂

    Of course I’m glad to see you knitting, too. And I bet a break is a good thing when it comes to quilting, but really, anything creative – gives your mind time to recharge and come up with new ideas.

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