In honor of International Quilt Weekend, I took a little break from the log cabin quilt to play! My Quilting Arts magazine arrived Saturday, and I looked through it during my afternoon coffee break. I saw something that inspired me to work with a specific palette of colors, and I kept thinking about it, so that night before I went to bed I pulled out a ton of fabrics and auditioned them.


These are the ones that made the cut.


The next morning I got up and thought, hmmm, the ‘rejects’ make a pretty nice palette too.


So before I went to church, I found two small backing fabrics and two small pieces of batting and put them together so I could play as soon as I got home from church. (Oh, a weird aside. I went back through that Quilting Arts magazine TWICE and I could not find the picture that so clearly inspired me. Maybe it was something I saw on the internet?)

At first, when I do this, even though it seems I have a ‘clear’ picture in my mind. I just stare at the fabrics. All these thoughts flit through my head “How am I supposed to put them together?” “What made you think you could do something like this?” “You CAN’T do this!” “What is wrong with you ?” And finally, “just cut into the fabric and TRY.”

And here is what I made. I just laid out the fabrics on the batting (the fabric kind of sticks to the batting so that is convenient,) and then pinned them all in place, and zigzagged around the raw edges. (It is small, maybe 14″x20″.)


I LOVE it! I am hoping to use it to add a lot of hand stitching on.

Today I hope to get the log cabin together and make the second small ‘inspired’ quilt.

One thought on “Departure!

  1. I love that you auditioned fabrics. 🙂

    You amaze me with what you come up with. Even though those colors don’t seem like your normal ones, they look gorgeous together – well done!

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