Another Abstract Quilt!

Oh, I think I could get addicted to making these! Very fun to play around with colors (yes, you are right, Shelley–colors that I don’t usually use,) and shapes. And they are small, so they are ‘finished’ in a day. I put that finished in quotes, because I am thinking that they are blank canvases for me to embroider on top of. In fact, I’m embroidering some circles (what else?) on yesterday’s quilt tonight. (confusing sentence…)

For this one I tried tearing the fabric. I like the texture that it adds. I’m not sure how much difference it will make in the long run. But I straight stitched the torn fabric and zig-zagged the edges of the cut fabric. I think it’ll add a little texture. If you remember the picture of the fabric I had laid out for this quilt, you will notice that I added a few pieces. It needed a little punch of color, so I looked through my greens and chose the one mosaic-y looking one, and then I found the fabulous tree fabric, and had to add a bit of that.

Here’s a pic in process–all pinned in place and ready to quilt.


And here’s the end product. The color is a bit off in this picture. This is a small quilt too. Maybe 13″x16″.


I love the organic look of these quilts. If I continue on with them, I am thinking of making them a series of quilts called “Psalms.” There is such a lot of beautiful imagery in the Psalms. I think it might provide the perfect words to put on these quilts.

And completely unrelated, here is Noah. He LOVES his couch. I hate this couch, so I’m glad somebody is enjoying it!


4 thoughts on “Another Abstract Quilt!

  1. “Dis berry gud couch, Mom. I lik it sooooooo much!”

    I wish I could relax as well as Noah – he looks incredibly content!

    • You are the best dog interpreter! Isn’t there a career in this somewhere for you? That’s what cracks me up so much about it—he does really seem to treasure his couch time.

  2. Wow, this is beautiful! I’m making quilts for my kids with scriptures specifically for them, and I googled “abstract quilts” and i am so inspired by this! I didn’t want to do traditional quilts either but that’s what my family has always done. This is so inspiring to see things done in a different way! Where do you find you tree fabric? I realize this is any older post? Would it be possible to email me?

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