Another Finished Quilt!

I’m having a little trouble starting my next quilt project. I have the fabrics picked out. The iron is on. But I have yet to cut into the fabric. I decided to delay the start and come over here to write about yesterday’s work.


Another finished quilt! (This one only took 7 or 8 years :)) I started it many years ago. I loved so much working on each and every block. This is a famous New York Beauty quilt designed by Karen Stone. Each block is paper pieced. I would sit on the floor and pick through my fabrics to choose just the right combination for each block.


Once the blocks were finished, you had to put them together with those wonky stars so that each block was tilted. That was boring, so that took a LONG time.

And then came the border. The original pattern included a paper pieced border in a curvy saw-toothed pattern. That was a LOT of paper piecing. It took a couple more years for me to give myself permission to do a different border. I am very happy with the way I did the border. I did some tiny liberated stars a la Gwen Marston, and added a print that seemed star-like to me, and used a lot of black and navy blue prints to piece a border.

Ah. And then it needed to be quilted. I didn’t think myself qualified to machine quilt such a pretty quilt. But with all the many seams, it didn’t seem right to hand quilt either. Finally the day came. I made a rough template of the curved side of the blocks and drew out about 5 different patterns I could free motion quilt in each one. Most of the rest of each block would be stitch in the ditch.


It took quite a bit of time to get the center quilted. And then I had to figure out how to quilt the border. I decided to outline each star, put some swirls on the star-like print, and do the rest in feathers. It wasn’t particularly hard to do. But for some reason (probably the housetop quilt project) I put it away and didn’t look at it for another year or so.


After finishing that log cabin quilt, I decided I would like to finish another quilt. I got the New York Beauty out and was surprised that all I needed to finish was one border! Good grief. I could have used it this past winter. Anyway, I finished quilting the border and put the binding on yesterday. It sure is fun to finish a quilt project.


(My grandma liked owls, so I like including one in some of my quilt projects.)


9 thoughts on “Another Finished Quilt!

  1. Beautiful quilt, Debby, and what magnificent quilting! You must be very proud. I’ve got this pattern, too, but unstarted, maybe you have inspired me.

  2. Oh, this is just gorgeous!
    Even though I am not a quilter, over the years I bought books just for their beauty, design, color and creativity. I bought “Karen K Stone Quilts” for that reason. And the other along the same lines, that I think you’d like is “Kaleidoscopes & Quilts” by Paula Nadelstern. I noticed when I got the link that she has newer books out. ooohhh… drooling…

    These are just visual feasts! As is your quilt here. Love love love it!

    • LOL, you have very good taste in quilt books Loretta! I owned the book Kaleidoscope Quilts for many many years before I ever started quilting!

      Thank you for your lovely comments, Loretta! I appreciate them coming from a true artist’s eye.

  3. This is an amazingly intricate-looking quilt – the more I look at your pictures, the more detail and “cuts” (not sure what the correct term is) I see…I’m in awe that you finished it! Love what you ended up doing with the quilting pattern, especially the way you fit
    the “feather” into the solid part of the square (third picture from top).

    • You can get that intricacy by paper piecing. The pattern is actually printed on paper, and then you sew the fabric right to the paper, following the lines. You kind of have to work backwards and upside down, so that part is not easy, but sewing on the lines is fun! And then you have to tear all that paper off. That part is not that fun either…

      • Oh, I had no idea that was where you were doing the paper piercing – makes sense, now that you describe it!

  4. Such a beautiful quilt and so glad to see it finished. Your 2 years makes my 6 years look extremely quick. Hopefully I will get myself back in action since I bought more fabric, pattern and a book on Hawaiian quilts the other day.


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