Finally got that project started!

Once you give yourself permission to cut into the fabric, EVEN IF IT FAILS, things move along very nicely.

Here is the group of fabrics I ended up with. I still had quite a few fabrics on the side that I thought might work.


I decided to do this one a little differently than the last two (where I cut the pieces and placed them directly on the batting and backing.) I chose a background fabric for the quilt top, and raw edge zig zagged the pieces directly to the top. I knew this would work because of my other experiments with my zig zag technique. You have to know I laugh every time I say that. Its not like I invented the zig zag stitch or anything.

First I added the squares and rectangles of dark blue. Everything was cut free hand for this. I rounded the corners of the blue before I zig zagged them in place.


Then I added some of those wonderful trees that I also included in the last quilt.


After each group of fabrics was zig zagged in place, I carefully cut out the back so that there was still essentially only one layer of fabric. I don’t always do this, but I thought it might make a nicer end product.



I had to let it rest a day before I decided to at least try adding circles to it.


I likey! You can see I thought I was done with the circles, and then even before I put it up on the design wall I knew I needed to add a few more. So I pinned those in place and put it on the design wall. Then every time I walk by I take a quick glance at it to see if I still like it or if it needs something more. Right now I still like it.

Here’s another shot of how I cut out the back. Here’s the little circle on the front (you can see its definitely cut free hand LOL):


And here’s where I cut the back out of it:


Oh! And before I even did the circles, I got enthusiastic about the whole group of fabrics that I had gathered, and I cut a strip from each one, and sewed them together in ‘strata.’ I think they’ll make a great project along with the two fabrics I have included in this picture.


So that’s pretty much what I’ve done for the past few days. A little knitting, a little walking, a little reading and praying, and just a bit of TV watching round out the day. I don’t really like watching TV. Its just an excuse to sit and let the dawrgums have some lap time LOL.

One thought on “Finally got that project started!

  1. Adding those red circles really made it pop!
    You mentioned that we could see they were cut free hand, and I was thinking that I LIKE that they were not “perfect”. In painting, there is this trend in digital art to have that slick, perfect “professional” look. Personally, I prefer the hand-crafted look, that shows the touch of the artist’s hand. So… I enjoy your quirky circles!

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