Hope in Uncertain Times

I finished a special quilt today. It is special to me because it is personal. That’s the best kind of quilt to work on, don’t you think?

I’ve been reading and re-reading these beautiful words in Psalm 33 since last December. In March I decided to put them on one of my quilts. I wrote about my thought process over on my other blog. Here I will just share pictures of the quilt.


The words:






I decided to add some hand-stitching to the trees to represent the four seasons:




And close-ups of the circles. The stitching is a little more open on these circles than on others I have done.




I wish for you all peace and hope in uncertain times.

4 thoughts on “Hope in Uncertain Times

  1. I love this Psalm!
    And I’m always delighted when you show the close-ups. I enjoyed the verse, the words, yet when I was able to see all the details, the wonderful color combinations and intricate design, I fell in love with it all as a piece of art.

    Are those french knots in that one tree? Seeing them instantly brought back fun memories of first learning to do french knots when I was about 12 years old. I was decorating a shirt with embroidery for my beloved step-dad for a birthday surprise. I put stuff all over his shirt, in a Mexican theme with cactus, desert sun, zigzag and other design work, a burro, etc etc. Took weeks. In my innocence, I didn’t know a “man” wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this in public. But he was so sweet… he’d take it with us when we all went camping, and wear that special wildly decorated shirt! I can see us now, sitting around the campfire, singing folk songs that my sister accompanied on the guitar. Thanks for sparking that memory, it makes me smile very fondly.

    • Thanks Loretta. And yes, those are french knots. One of my favorite stitches.

      You brought back a good memory for me too. I made my dad a tie out of decorative ribbons, which, of course, wasn’t really something he could wear much. But he kept that tie with all his other ties for a good 50 years!!

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