A Day in the Life

Labor Day was a very good day of work for me. I’m not sure you can call it Labor, when you are doing something you love. Something put me in the mood to document how a day goes in the life of an artist.

Sunday I had written myself a little note:  “clean off work table so you can start work on the next Psalms quilt.” I didn’t get that done. So that was my first task Monday morning. This is what my work table often looks like. Then it reaches critical mass, and I can’t work there any more until I clear it off.


These are bits and pieces of a bigger project that I am working on. The idea for it is not completely formed, so I just do a little of it once in a while.


But first, before I put it away, I had the idea to make another “leftovers square” as the background for one of my little cross quilts.


I am loving making these–lately that has been my Sunday morning meditation–to complete one.


That little project completed, I organized the leftovers of the leftovers and put them away.


Then, I got it into my head to organize another messy craft–my rug hooking “worms.” That is what some people call the leftover strips from hooking a rug. I have an exhorbitant amount of these leftovers, considering how few rugs I have actually hooked.

The teacher for the next class I am taking (at that big conference at the end of the month) said that it is fun to use the bags of leftovers when they are organized into color families. So I did that.


Finally, I could lay out the group of fabrics I had chosen about a week ago for my new project. Ahhh…I love this part!


Oh, but then it was time for a walk with Noah before it got too hot. (forgot to document with a picture!)

And when I returned home, I needed another cup of coffee, and I still hadn’t done my morning reading. I am loving sitting out on my “new” deck.


Finally, I was ready to start the day. I put in a phone call to my rug hooking friend. I wanted to talk to her about whether or not I had time to put a border with lettering on the rug (before the conference at the end of the month.) I told her I could finish the interior of the rug by the end of the day. Here’s the part I still needed to finish:


And here’s what my side table looks like. Hooking rugs is a rather messy affair.


So that was it. I sat and hooked and hooked. And hooked some more. The little girls were rather bored with my long stitching session.


And by 9pm (I NEVER work this long on one project–most days end creatively at dinner time!) the rug was finished!!!


And that, my friends, is a really good day in the life of an artist! (and BTW, I still haven’t started that Psalm quilt. I had another Big Idea yesterday morning, and I started on that instead!)

P.S. I wrote my thoughts on “being an artist” over on my other blog.  Check it out to see what goes on inside the mind of a working artist.

7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. Wonderful work, what an artist. Your yard, dogs, cooking and rugs. I have a messy
    table from general junk but have yet to clear it away to the top layer. I think you have given me some inspiration! Thanks for the blog it is really a fun read.

  2. This was a fun read, and that finished rug is gorgeous! The rich colors, the fun and funky design… love everything about it.
    And it is obvious as you describe some of the other aspects of creating, that you enjoy even the misc stuff that goes with it. Like laying out the colored fabrics, or putting the scraps into color families. I get that… just yesterday I had a ball picking out the tubes of paint for my next painting, and laying them out all in a neat little row on my table, drinking in the colors and how they looked next to each other. Little pleasures. 😀

  3. That was a long time to work on the rug – but oh, how worth it, to see the finished product! It’s really lovely to see you allow yourself the time and space to create…so many people have guilt over things they should be doing, but I think you have a great life balance when it comes to your art and everything else (despite what the Queen might say)!

    • You can go to geneshepherd.com. He has a free blog, and he has some free videos on youtube. But I would want to find a real in person teacher. Gene could probably direct you to someone in your area. Or you could go to atharugs.com and find a name for a local contact in your area. Gene directed me to a lady who wasn’t a formal teacher, but she met weekly with a group of ladies, and she taught me the basics. That was all that was needed! There’s only one rug hooking magazine–rughookingmagazine.com.

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