Hello Again

I do wish I could be a more regular blogger. The trouble is, once you get out of the habit its very difficult to start back up. At least that’s been my experience. So I won’t try to fill in all the details of the past month. I’ll just start again from where I am today.

Between trips (Sherri Woods workshop, ATHA rug convention, and PIQF) I have been working steadily on a number of quilts. I thought this one was finally finished, and I had a new idea. I think I’ve mentioned that one of the series I am working on is “The Signature of Jesus,” and that each quilt will include a cross, and for the most part I am planning to put the same words on each quilt “God so loved the world.” So I was thinking about where to put the words on this quilt, and I had the idea to do my running stitch embroidery at the bottom, in a partial sphere in blue and green thread, to indicate the earth. That will take quite a bit of time, as this is a large quilt (maybe 48X60) but it is the kind of stitching I enjoy–not a lot of choices to be made–just which color of blue or green thread I will use next. I already have my little case of blues and greens picked out!


This quilt has a LOT of hand embroidery on it in the squares that are part of the cross. I did most of the stitching in neutral or dull colors. I am not sure the final product is worth all the time it took. But maybe it is one of those elements that the viewer will enjoy looking at up close.


Lastly, I want to direct you to take a look at one of the latest quilts of my mentor, Marianne Burr. I just discovered this morning that I could click twice on the picture and get a really great close-up view of her beautiful work.

I’ll sign off for now. No promises, but I will try to check in with my latest work a little more frequently!

Miss Bess perched on the arm of the sofa, waiting for me to finish on the computer!

Miss Bess perched on the arm of the sofa, waiting for me to finish on the computer!

4 thoughts on “Hello Again

  1. What I like best is to do the big stitch embroidery on a quilt top before I do most of the quilting. That is the most pleasurable way of working (no machine quilting stitches to try to hand quilt through.) But for this quilt (and any bigger quilt, I think), it was completely machine quilted before I started the hand embroidery. And usually the hand embroidery only goes through the top and the batting, not the back. Good question!

  2. I like how the colored pattern stands out so well against the neutrals – when you first showed pictures of the neutral squares, I wasn’t sure I liked them, because they didn’t seem to do much. But now I can see the big role they play…and you have a keen design eye right from the start!

    That picture of Bess is precious…love her round body and little tongue.

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