Playing with Squares and Zig Zag

Some of you might know my penchant for working with little squares (two inch squares, to be exact,) and also my fascination with the zig zag stitch. I just think its fun to position the squares on a background fabric and zig zag them down, instead of actually piecing a block. Yes, there are raw edges. But I think it works. I have one quilt that I have used as a bed quilt and have washed quite a bit, and the zig zag’d squares are as stable as any pieced quilt I have.


So anyway, I started daydreaming about the little squares and the zig zag technique, and the next thing I knew, I was zig zagging little squares in a grid on some neutral background fabrics.



Close-up of the zig zag edge:


After I worked on them for a while (thoroughly enjoying the process) I put them up on the design wall, to see if they were “worthy.” At first, I thought, no, not quite what I was looking for. But they are growing on me. I’ll probably do a few more today to see how I like them. This will end up being a bigger quilt if I continue on with these.

Here is another quilt I did with the squares and the zig zag stitch:


And a close-up of how I quilted the zig zag’d squares:


I am working on a lot of projects right now. Some of them are gifts, so I will share those at a later date. And some of them are just in process. I’ll share more as I progress.


4 thoughts on “Playing with Squares and Zig Zag

  1. These little quilts with the zigzag squares are so charming!
    I smiled when I saw the first one, on the white; it made me think of words like delicate, clean, light, tender hugs, and contentment.
    Then, I scrolled down and saw the second one… I laughed out loud! It was exuberant! It was like someone laughing, dancing and twirling and enjoying life without inhibitions. Very joyful.
    Loved seeing these. 🙂

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