The Creative Process, Part 2

I’m back to finish up my discussion of the creative process.


I put this quilt top (only the top this time, instead of the entire sandwich) together pretty much according to my sketch. (This sketch doesn’t show it, but piecing the back fabric out of four different fabrics was part of my plan.)


If you are a close observer, you might notice that I left out essentially ALL of the magenta fabrics from that original pile. I just wasn’t feeling the magenta as I composed this. I also added that bird fabric. I had just enough of it to fussy cut those three little birds out. According to my sketch, I only included two of them. After I put it on the wall, I could see that I needed to include the third, and I also added the smaller yellow piece. You can see that those pieces are still just pinned on there.

At this point, (after percolating a couple of days!) I definitely want to add bits of the magenta. I loved Loretta’s description (in the comments of the last entry) of adding a glaze on top of the piece to enhance it!

Both of these pieces are stark enough that I can add plenty of embellishment if I so choose. This one is meant to be a part of The Psalms series. I haven’t thought of which verse I will want to include. But I did realize as I stared at it that that small yellow piece will be the perfect place to add some words.

And once these two were composed, I realized that I had not really done what I had originally envisioned with that pile of fabrics. I wanted to create something that was really color-dense. So I put the original pile of fabrics back on the table and stared at them.I had used up all of the pale yellow in the first two quilts, so went through my stash to find a pale yellow that would work with this group of fabrics. I added the brighter turquoise (that I had used in the cross) and the scraps from the bird fabric, and then stared some more. Maybe I needed a solid color? I went to my solids cupboard and got out that great coral and added it. That looked really exciting to me.


Last night I looked at the pile again. And I decided to cut a strip off of each piece so I can play with them this morning. Sometimes its hard for me to start if I have too big of a playing field (large pieces of fabric.) Its hard to cut into fabric not knowing if you are going to use it or not, but I highly recommend doing this to get you started on the creative process.

Off to create some more!!


2 thoughts on “The Creative Process, Part 2

    • LOVE your comments Loretta! Loved that analogy in the last post. I was reading your comment, and thinking, yeah, but I can’t paint on top of my quilts (some people actually do that!) and then you pointed out that I do the same with fabric and thread!

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