A New Studio!

I still can’t quite believe its happening! But it is. A long time dream is being built while I write this. I’ve lived in a 650 square foot cabin for 27 years. A couple of years ago, after I retired and started to work full time at being a quilt artist, I decided that my cabin would be my studio and I would just live in it. I had read that about some artists and it appealed to me.

Here's my cabin. The yellow part is where the studio will go.

Here’s my cabin. The yellow part is where the studio will go.

Right now the “dining room” is my main sewing room. I have my design wall in my bedroom, and a few smaller cabinets are in my living room. I do a lot of handwork, so of course I usually have a couple of projects going in the living room.

Almost since the time I moved in here, I daydreamed about closing in the back covered deck and making it a studio room. Ten years ago I started saving for it. And now it is being done, and the contractor says he will be finished in four weeks!!

Here's the deck once I cleared all the clutter off of it!

Here’s the deck once I cleared all the clutter off of it!

This all means that I have to make a lot of decisions. I’m not that fond of making decisions. One of the critical decisions I need to make is how much lighting to put in the room. Right now I have a 6-light S-shaped track light in the dining room. I just put it in there. It lights up my sewing table very well, and I have a couple of the lights pointed towards my fabric storage cabinet. The new studio will be longer–it will be 11 1/2 feet by 20 feet. But there will be a closet, so I guess I should say that the main area of the studio will be 11 1/2 feet by 16 feet. I will move the track lighting out to the studio. I think that adding one more florescent fixture (4 ft. long) will light the room well. Does anybody have an opinion about this?

Here's the space with the flooring and siding completely removed!

Here’s the space with the flooring and siding completely removed!

Monday I am going to go and look at flooring, doors, and windows, and paint colors (for the outside of the house.)

I am using my handy dandy notebook with the graph paper to draw out my ideas on how I want to lay out the furniture/storage. And it just happened that there was a virtual studio tour online the past two weeks, so I have enjoyed looking at those ideas as well. I think the thing I liked best was that some of the artists showed their studios in their natural state–made me feel a little better about the mess I usually have!

7 thoughts on “A New Studio!

  1. Congratulations on getting a studio, you will indeed enjoy it. Regard lighting, have you thought about a sky light or two?

  2. What a great opportunity to design a studio to meet your needs. I hope your design incleds plenty of natural light from windows and skylights. Just remember that florescent lighting doesn’t let you see the yrue color so you may need to keep that in mind while planning your lighting. I’m a new reader of your blog and really enjoy seeing the work you do.

  3. I love my studio! Wanted one all my life, and finally made one whole room into it when we moved in here 5 years ago. I have TWO 4 foot color corrected florescent lights above, spaced apart over the two spots I sit most. They give off wonderful strong light, but mine definitely have a fast “fade out” limit. Meaning, if I’m right under them, it’s fabulous and easy on the eyes. But if you move out even a couple of feet, you notice the brightness drop off. Don’t know if that’s just the kind I have or what… you might stop into a specialty lighting store, find a clerk who really knows something (if you know what I mean) and pick his/her brains.

    The other thing I have that I love, for close up tiny work, is a color corrected little light on a bendable goose neck, that I can use to spot light stuff. They are spendy, so I couldn’t get them for the whole lighting system, but that one little Ott light is a real treat.

    You are going to have so much fun laying out your Space just so!

  4. Debbie, select your lighting carefully. There are two types of florescent lights. One that is warm and one that is cool. Right now I can’t remember which one it is that will make your fabric seem to be a different color. I learned this the hard way. I had been working on a cross stitch and I took it to work with me. I went into the break room and in that light I thought I had used the wrong color on one of my sections. I ripped it out. Only to discover later that it was really the correct color but the light in the break room had made the blue look more purple.
    Good Luck.

    • They BOTH affect colors; the cool one will definitely make things more blue/purple, and the warm one will bring out the yellow/orange tones. In the past, before I got the color corrected bulbs, I put one each, a warm and a cool tube, in the 4 ft holder (it held 2 tubes).

      One thing to think about: in the past most people had incandescent (warm) lights in their homes. Many artists would bear this in mind, and either work under that same light, or check their work under it to see how it would read in a clients home. These days, things are changing more and more to the new compact florescent bulbs, so not sure if that still holds true.
      So, I just get the color corrected tubes, and call it a day. 😀

  5. I’m not good with light advise, except to say that I recently got an Ott light and now I can’t believe I used to knit at night without it! Makes a huge difference.

    So, so happy you are finally getting your studio. I know it’s going to look amazing, and you are going to be so pleased with it!

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