Christmas Presents!

This year I am giving several quilts and quilted things as Christmas gifts. I’ve kind of surprised myself with my organization and finishing pizazz. No more of that madly crafting every day and night until Christmas. Those days are long over.


Two of the presents I will have to wait ’til after Christmas to share with you because one of the recipients just might be checking this blog. But the other ones I am pretty sure are not even aware of my quilt blog, so I can show them now.


Did you ever have one of those projects? A super-big, enthusiastic project that you JUST LOVED? You worked and worked on piecing it, and then, even though some of your enthusiasm had flagged, you went ahead and chose special quilting motifs for it, and worked and worked on it. And then, you were DONE. Except the quilt wasn’t done. It just languished somewhere in an unfinished pile. Every time you looked at it, it just seemed like more work than it was worth for a quilt you really didn’t like that much any more.


What? You’ve never done that? That pretty much describes half the quilts I make! Anyway, this really was a very big quilt, and it seemed like I would never finish the quilting on it. At some point, I looked at it and realized that those bright colors were perfect for my mom. And I have never made a bed quilt for her. So I got it out, and do you know, I had that thing quilted and bound in just a couple of days! Two years and a couple of days LOL.DSCN0669

It was from a pattern called “Rainforest.” Now that its done, I like it quite well again. And that is also how I am with most of my quilts.


I also have a niece who is having a baby. I didn’t really make this quilt as a Christmas gift, but what the heck? I am going to see her on Christmas and so will give it to her then. This quilt was fun to make. I started with that focus fabric–the dots of color on a black and white print, chose solids to go along with it, and then made large nine-patches that I cut in quarters and re-designed. Its called disappearing nine-patch, and there are a million images out there. Very fun to do. You can see I quilted it quite simply with wavy lines. It doesn’t show, but I used a wide satin ribbon for the binding. I used to LOVE the satin edge to my blankies, so I like to do that for baby quilts.



Another niece is expecting, and so I had to look through my stash of finished quilts. I found a really cute one that I think will do well for her baby too.

Have a very merry Christmas everyone! Don’t stay up late finishing projects. Santa likes his privacy.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Presents!

  1. Don’t you love it when things come together, like the quilt that ended up being perfect for your mom? I think the baby quilt is really sweet – not a traditional “baby” quilt, which makes it stand out and I bet will be used for years and years!

    Right with you on not stressing over finishing Christmas gifts. I made what I was going to make and, wonders of wonders, didn’t start additional gifts. Ahhh, it’s a good feeling.

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