A Quilted Year in Review

Well, this was a good exercise for me. Because I think I have been a bit scattered this year, and I know I have MANY unfinished projects. Starting a new project is always so fun and exciting, and sometimes (almost always) finishing a project is just plain boring. All the creative ideas have been decided upon and executed, and now it is mostly just grunt work putting in boring quilting lines (my apologies to those whose greatest love is the quilting line!)

So it was good to go through my archives and see that I had finished a lot of quilts, and to be reminded–oh yes, there is another unfinished idea and/or quilt…

In January I started my new “job” writing a column for The Quilt Life magazine as “the healthy quilter. Between this and my occasional blog for The Quilt Show website, it has provided good accountability for staying on track with my healthy diet. I lost (re-lost) 25 pounds in 2013.


In January, I had the amazing experience of having my first gallery showing! It was an exhibit called The Housetop Quilts. I wrote about it here, and you can see a slide show of the quilts here. Here is the last quilt I finished for the exhibit.


I went to Haiti in January, and two new quilts emerged in February that were directly related to that experience.

We Are One


Colossians 1


In March, I made a grand effort, and actually finished and bound this New York Beauties quilt (that I started probably over five years ago.) It is extensively quilted, and is pretty heavy because of the fabric I chose for the backing. It has been my winter bed quilt this year, and every night I get a lot of enjoyment out of looking at both the piecing and the quilting that I did on it.


In April I finished a little quilt that might be my favorite for the year. The idea for the words started in December with the Sandy Hook tragedy. This quilt is in a series that I call “The Psalms.”

Hope in Uncertain Times


May found me in Ohio at Nancy Crow’s Timber Frame Barn workshop. I loved the whole experience. I have not continued with the extensive strip piecing that I learned/did at that workshop. But I have learned that all of my experiences influence the direction of my work, even if I am not doing that particular technique.

I think I should call this a crazy little quilt. Because that is what it seems to me.


In June I reverted back to the style that I had done in “The Psalms” quilts. I really like this style. Hmmm. I see this is a very unfinished picture of the quilt. Well, it is one that I am currently working on (the drudge part.) It has a LOT of circles and hand embroidery added to it, and the words of one of my favorite Psalms have been added. And then, for some unknown reason, I decided to hand quilt it. I work on it a little bit every night. Maybe it will be the first quilt finished for the new year!


July: This is just one square from a large quilt (that I finished later in the year.) I like this technique very much (inserting skinny strips into a block) and included this to remind myself to try that again. I am also liking the use of prints WITH solids.


August:  This is really a half-baked idea. I keep coming back to it, but I haven’t figured out how to make all the pieces work together yet. Perhaps the new studio will help : )


September was all about finishing this hooked rug and attending the rug convention.


Evidently I did not post any pictures in October. I know I was doing something. I did go to the Pacific International Quilt Festival, which is always inspirational and overwhelming. I met some of my SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) compadres for the first time when I volunteered to work in their booth for a few hours. Joining SAQA has really been a great experience for me already. They have so many resources and opportunities, education and assistance. And the people I’ve met have really been so nice and encouraging. If you are at all interested in art quilting, I encourage you to check them out!

November: Here is the “mosaic cross” finished. Only its not finished either. I decided to include the “world” by hand embroidering a semi-sphere at the bottom with green and blue perle cotton thread. Whose great idea was that??? Well, it is mostly done. I will post the entire quilt when I finally finish it.


And in December, of course, I was finishing Christmas presents.


Well I can’t end this post without an update on the new studio. The contractor began working on it just one week before Christmas. I enjoy watching him work. He works very peacefully, looking at his work and figuring out the next step (a lot like us quilters,) and then all of a sudden, it seems, a LOT has been done. Every day I am surprised at the progress. Last night I came home and found the walls up, so you can see the outline of the doors and windows!



Oh, and where did I come home from?? From a trip to Costco, where I got cabinets for the studio closet, and 18 storage bins, and 13 project bins. I be getting myself organized in 2014!!

3 thoughts on “A Quilted Year in Review

  1. Hey Debby – yes, inspirational is a word I would use to describe not only your quilts but your process! I remember following you a few years back and the changes you’ve made in your artistry is amazing. 🙂 Have you talked on your blog about your decision to be an art quilter? Was it a huge shift or gradual? Will continue to watch and learn from your examples!

    • Well thank you Kris. That means a lot coming from you. I thought I had talked on my blog about that, but I guess I haven’t. I think it was a gradual shift. A couple of influences: Mizfit (a health blogger) asked “what would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?” That’s when I decided to give it a try. I bought a really good table for my sewing machine to fit into. And I turned my dining room into a sewing room, and I put a design wall in my bedroom! And then I found a church that really encouraged the arts. That was a huge encouragement to me. Their coordinator asked if I’d like to do an exhibit of my quilts, and that gave me the incentive to work steadily on quilts as art.

      How funny–I wrote the article “on being an artist” over on my other blog. Here’s the link if you want to see it: http://debbyweighsin.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/on-being-an-artist/

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