Finished Small Works

I wanted to write a post called “The End of Creativity.” But I decided to NOT be a drama queen. That’s just how I’ve felt for the last week or so. All the moving, cleaning, sorting, and building (okay, I’m not building, but there’s someone here ALL THE TIME,) has just sapped any original ideas from my mind. And then there’s that whole thing about all my STUFF not being available (its all packed up in the storage shed until the studio is finished.)

Anyway, last week, I went through the pile of finished/almost finished quilts on the chair in my bedroom (I will be so happy to have a dedicated closet to keep these in.) And I found quite a few small quilts that only needed the binding or a few last quilting stitches to complete them.

The little 7X10 SAQA quilt received a tradition binding edge. Because I measured like 20 times, double checked the entry paperwork, and then cut it 7X10. Only I had wanted to put a facing edge on it, and that would have required leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Aaagh.


These next two little pieces (both about 12 inches square) I don’t exactly remember what I was trying to accomplish. Just experimenting, I think. I spent quite a bit of time on them for experimental work.




These next two quilts are in the “Psalms” series. Both of them are about 18″X24″. I really enjoy working on these quilts–choosing the fabrics, figuring out where to place them, and then choosing a verse for them, and adding some hand-stitching. I hope to get back to these as soon as the studio is finished.


I used a variegated brown thread for the lettering on this quilt. It really fades out on the darker background at the top. I think I’ll re-do those words.


This next quilt has a crazy amount of hand-stitching on it! And I let it sit like that–almost finished- for I think almost two years! I’ll tell you the story of this quilt in another post. Its also about 18″X24″.



It felt good to get all these little pieces finished. It only took a couple of days. Well, two years and a couple of days : ))



2 thoughts on “Finished Small Works

  1. They look fabulous. Everyone loved the quilt I purchased from you last year – from my 82-year-old mum to my 21-year-old niece! Being a quilter of course they thought it was my latest work when they first saw it – was hard to confess that, no, it was someone else’s!! Hope your Christmas & New Year went well. It was very hot over here. While I was staying with my mum, Roma (where she lives in western Queensland) had its hottest ever recorded temperature – 46C!!! That was fun. Going outside felt like walking past an open (fan-forced) oven. Was quite cooling looking at your lovely snowy pics!! Hope studio is nearly completed – looking forward to your next post.

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