Yesterday I made myself sit down and finish the straight-line quilting on the new quilt (that I talked about yesterday.) Sure enough, I was right. I don’t like it. Its not very interesting. I won’t be entering it in the contest. I was so discouraged. I started that bad thinking–“what are you doing? what made you think you were an artist? what’s the use?”



I left it on the design wall and headed out to the gym, not knowing whether I’d ever quilt again (haha, drama queen.) I had to stop at the post office and pick up a couple of quilts that had been returned from a small gallery showing. I opened the box and looked at them. Ahhh, a glimmer of hope. I LIKED these quilts!

Of course I felt better after my workout. Still, I might never make another worthy quilt…

When I got home, I decided to put the two little quilts on the design wall to enjoy them for a bit. And then I had the idea to put some more quilts up there. I cleared all the works-in-progress off the wall, and put up my own little quilt show. Wow, look at all those quilts I’ve made THAT I LIKE. And that quilt you don’t like–it isn’t such a bad little quilt. It just needs a little help (like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.)


I’ll be back in the studio today, just sewing a couple of pieces of fabric together…

5 thoughts on “Discouragement

  1. I like your quilt and I totally understand how you feel; been there, too. Perhaps in time you’ll grow to like it and if not, that’s OK too. Enjoyed your mini quilt show. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I like all of your work. Seeing your little mini gallery up there on the wall can remind you of all the different ways you express yourself through your art. When I saw your display, I smiled. Thank you for sharing through your blog. I always enjoy seeing what you are up to.

  3. I like your quilt. It is a little different style than your others. Maybe that is why you are not liking it. Not as much contrast. Thanks for the mini quilt show and for sharing your work.

  4. I think Nancy hit on the difference… not as much contrast as in your usual style.

    Color: much the same value levels all over. Is it possible to add in a little more color here and there, like with fabric paint and a brush?? Maybe around the edges of the piece, and then like a shadow to the cross/circle. Or, just random as you like?

    Linework: all the same thin line work. While I think the design is actually quite lovely, especially inside the cross, it could benefit from variety of width. Like… maybe the outline of the cross and/or circle could use some emphasis? Or some of your fantastic embroidery to make it thicker?? or??

    Just playing with ideas. I truly think it has the beginnings of being a fabulous piece, it just needs some more finishing. I hope you go on to have fun with it.

  5. I go though the same thinking process… everything I do is trash.. but
    I enjoy quilting and if everything I do isn’t “great or even good” I’m going to quilt anyway. I do it for me and it keeps me sane : )

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