What Happened Next

This post could be subtitled “The Extreme Value of Having a Mentor.” I have spoken frequently of my love for the work of Marianne Burr. I have mentioned occasionally that she has been a real mentor to me. 

After my last post, here is what happened next. Marianne Burr sent me an email offering her ideas to fix the little quilt, but only if I wanted it. Did I want her help??? What followed were a series of emails that ended with me actually cutting off a bit from two sides of the quilt to take the cross out of the very center of the quilt. And I added a second “circle” of hand-stitching to echo the one circle. I used a contrasting fabric for the binding. There are some other ideas that Marianne (and also Loretta, in the comments) added, and I might eventually add even more to this little quilt, but with Marianne’s encouragement, I did as much as I could before the deadline, and then actually entered it in that competition. I have no illusions that it will win, but the whole process of continuing on, re-evaluating, and refining a piece of work was extremely valuable for me.

Here is the quilt, with the changes made:


And a close-up:


Do you have a mentor?

3 thoughts on “What Happened Next

  1. Debby, your post is so sweet. I am so glad that you appreciate the opportunity to do extra work! Being able to re-evaluate is a very valuable skill and you are on your way.

    I am now sitting in Sea Tac Airport waiting for the Shuttle home. Please let me know if you sent an email to Hiroko about the catalog and if so, how it turned out. There will be a way for you to get one, I am sure.

    Marianne marianneburr.com marianneburrnews.wordpress.com


  2. Your changes made this so interesting, with it’s offset placement, and stronger border. It’s all a fun learning experience, yes? How generous of Marianne to share her insights with you. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Loretta! Your insights were helpful too! Its still on my design wall, because there is more that I could do to it which would improve it. I’m thinking about whether to keep working on it, or just start over and do another one.

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