Homemade Quilt Kit!

Have I talked about this before? I really like pre-cutting all the pieces for a quilt and making my own little “quilt kit.” The first time I did this was before I had my carpal tunnel surgery. I knew I was going to want to sew, and I figured if the pieces were already pre-cut, I could probably manage to sew them together. It worked great! Here is a link to all the work I have done with my “zig zag double wedding ring.” I really love sewing the squares on this way.

I had been thinking about doing another of these double wedding ring quilts, and then I bought a charm pack. They are a nice way to start the collection for a quilt. Then of course you have to go through your stash to try to find enough fabrics that will go with that charm pack. I thought I would try making the backgrounds deeper colors of the pastels that were in the charm pack. And then I had the idea to add a big print to the quilt. So I decided I’d better check it out before I cut out all those little squares. Here’s the drawing I did. I liked it!


So the next day I got busy cutting out little squares and big squares. Before I cut all of them out, I did do a test block to make sure I had the right amount of little squares to make each oval.


And here is my quilt kit, all ready to go. It was the perfect thing to have on hand as there was more renovation going on this past week. I didn’t have a lot of time to sew and no time to think, so in my spare minutes I could just go out and zig zag a few little squares to one block.


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