Another Finished Quilt

Its SOOO nice to finish something. The actual process of finishing is not fun, but seeing the completed project is super fun.

This is another quilt I did using my “zig zag technique.” Like the double wedding ring quilts, I simply zig zagged the  squares and rectangles on top of a background block. Instead of cutting out and sewing back together 29 pieces of fabric (like were in the original pattern that I saw,) there are only 10 pieces to cut out and zig zag stitch onto the background.


I really really like this quilt. I like that it is quieter than a lot of my quilts. I LOVED picking out some of my favorite blue fabrics to include in it. In fact, the original quilt pattern had 9 blocks. I couldn’t narrow my choices down that much, so mine has 20 blocks, each a different fabric. I love that a few other colors are included in the prints, and I love that there is a very wide range of blues in this quilt, and yet, to me it still reads as a blue and white quilt.

Here are some of the individual blocks:


From my ‘oriental fabrics’ period:


From my ‘Reproduction fabrics’ period:


And this one is from the first quilt I made years ago–the impressionist landscape quilts. This fabric was so “wonderful” that a friend and I just HAD to buy yards and yards of it. I still have quite a bit of it left.


And now I get to play a bit again. I have a couple of half-baked ideas swirling around in my head, and a pile of pretty fabric just waiting for me in the studio. I’m off to cut out more fabric and sew it back together!

4 thoughts on “Another Finished Quilt

  1. You are such a “smarty” with that zig-zag applique!!! Why not???? Who says ‘not’??? The finish is so lovely and definitely reads blue/white! Actually, it’s a far wiser use of small pieces……ones that would not have enough to them to allow for seam allowances (I really have so many that are in that category!!). The quilting adds so perfectly to the “clean” finish of this one!!! Beautifully done, Girl!!!!

  2. I really love this, Debby – it’s so simple and crisp and just calmingly beautiful! Quite different from so many of your other quilts (which of course I love, too); it’s amazing to me that all of this different creativity can come from one mind! 🙂

  3. I like this one a lot Debby! I like Shelley’s “crisp” adjective too. What a great way to use up stash of many different fabric types and have them all look beautiful together.

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