The Summer of Dying, Day Three

Well, you knew I would have to do something with that pile of pretty fabrics that I DYED ALL BY MYSELF! I am surprised at how delighted I am with this new skill set. I am dreaming of turning my old laundry dungeon into a wet studio when all the other work on the house is done!

I looked through my journal and found a Sunday morning doodle that would be just right for semi-solid fabrics. Last night I auditioned the fabrics, and decided where they would go in the design. This design would require me to actually measure and accurately cut and sew fabric. Ahem…

So, I didn’t measure to make sure I would have enough fabric for each section. Partly because I didn’t know until I got to that part how much fabric I would need. When I got to the final round, not only did I NOT have enough of the green, I also cut the first two pieces incorrectly.

I took a lunch break and stewed over what I was going to do. In the end, I increased the size of the purple pieces by one inch, so the greens that I had cut too short would now be the right size. And I decided to use a different color on the bottom border. And then when I was auditioning it on my design wall, I decided that I’d just go for it and make that border even bigger.


I like this piece. I don’t like accurate cutting and piecing, especially when I am the one having to figure it out. I ripped out a lot of seams. And using the mottled hand-dyes? Sometimes a weird ghostly bunny face appears right where you don’t want it, and you have to cut another piece of fabric and undo another seam. Because when you might use the quilt in your series “The Signature of Jesus,” you don’t want a bunny face on it.

3 thoughts on “The Summer of Dying, Day Three

  1. I love it! I also love your fabric. I did some snow dyeing this winter and another thing on by bucket list is to go outside and dye(Ha! Ha!) I have tons of supplies I have been saving up! My fav beauty shop name–Curl Up And Dye


  2. This piece turned out so pretty!

    You might have cut out the bunny face, but here is what I saw still peeking out:

    In the Blue: a fish face with big lips looking straight at me; an old man and an old woman, cuddling lovingly cheek to cheek; half of a piggy face, grinning and looking smug.

    In the Green: a laughing cat face, with eyes scrunched closed and mouth grinning

    In the Brown: a mountain lion cub face; a little kitten looking at me and reaching forward and out with it’s paws;

    Oh noes! I enlarged the photo, and saw a little fox, looking over his shoulder to his right…

    Gotta stop!!

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