Almost Done

Another Psalm quilt almost finished. Can you spot the problem in this photo?


Yes, it is 24″ across the top and only 23″ across the bottom. I do this to myself far too frequently. I don’t start out with a perfectly squared up piece of fabric (that part is okay.) But then I do this extensive embroidery ALL THE WAY TO THE EDGE  (that part is not okay.) Because then I hate to cut that embroidery off, so I fudge when I am squaring up the quilt and end up with a trapezoid. Sigh. I will be squaring it up later today, and putting a binding on tomorrow (binding is such heinous work, it is not suitable for Sunday.)

I am very happy with how this quilt turned out. I don’t usually have the words picked out when I start a quilt composition. As this one progressed, and the birds became more of a focal point, I came upon this Psalm (92) about singing and praise. It seemed perfect for this quilt, and the phrases I wanted to include fit perfectly in the blank spaces I had left for the writing.

Some close-ups:


Adding the french knots in the circles is something a little new.



I got a couple of good days in the studio last week. I’ll share another project soon!

7 thoughts on “Almost Done

  1. I cannot spot the problem. I can, however, spot a lot of beautiful embroidery – wow! Love those French knots (I was never able to master them back when I did cross-stitch), love all the color shadings you used. What a gorgeous piece of work!

  2. Hi Debby – I am sure you can suspect how much I enjoy seeing how you include embroidered circles.

    These circles are particularly beautiful and I love the machine echo quilting around them. Marianne


  3. Your kantha embroidery projects must be my favorite thing you do! The texture, colors, designs, all so quirky and creative. I get excited when I discover a post from you with them. They are so unique. 🙂

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