I am trying to finish up some “almost done” quilts. So I can start new ones without the guilt LOL. Anyway, I worked steadily on the little tree from my recent retreat, and it is completed. I was looking for a verse with the word “tree” in it (for a different quilt) and I came upon this Proverb, which I thought was just perfect for this little quilt. I added back some smaller red dots, and it looked just right to me.







Except for sewing the five background pieces together by machine, this little piece is all hand-sewn. The kantha embroidery and blanket stitch edging are done just through the top and batting, while the quilting lines were done through all three layers.


Tacked the yoyo’s down.


And added some “seed pods” to the little red circles.

4 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. I kept scrolling up and down from the last post, where the circles were just pinned on the tree, to this finished one, and am amazed at the difference. The transformation that the stitching makes is truly fascinating to me. It adds so much texture, design and interest to an already interesting piece. And I really like the red additions in the varying sizes, they add little bursts of life and energy. Love the finished piece, including the proverb.

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