At the end of my Sisters trip, I pieced this together. I simply wanted a background of my hand-dyed fabric to embroider on. I wanted to see how it was to stitch through. (My hand-dyes so far are muslin and Robert Kaufman’s Kona PFD fabric.) I just intended to do some straight line stitching on it. Then it just seemed like it needed some circles. Some of the circles are stitched straight on the fabric, while others have a solid appliqué background. BTW, my hand-dyes are LOVELY to stitch through. Not hard to figure out, since both of those fabrics are not tightly woven.


Since this was a quilt that I started while traveling, and continued to work on at home and in my travels, this seemed like the perfect verse. I used variegated thread for the lettering. I should probably stop doing that…


I do love my little circles. I guess you could tell that by the amount of pictures I take of them 🙂


For these circles, I made a rule that I could only use the running stitch (of course the appliquéd edges are blanket stitch.)



I put a question mark after “Finished?” in the title, because I think this little piece might need a bit more quilting in the background.

Here is one more look at a quilt I think I already shared with you. It is bound now, and it really is finished.


5 thoughts on “Finished?

  1. WOW on the last quilt! And I love your circles and hand stitching so much…next time we’re together we’ll have to work on a little circle stitching project for me. 🙂

  2. Dang, love those circles too! Yeah, a little more quilting in the background might add to the piece. Your large piece is fabulous!

  3. I’m really loving the last one also. I think it’s the addition of the black, plus both the angular and the circular components. Nicely balanced also. Another thing that you’re doing that I really like is that you seem to be working in a series – not only with your quotes but your kantha stitched circles. I ponder working in a more defined series but so far…..I’m still all over the place. Great work, Debby!

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