Ricky and Alex get ready for taping

Ricky and Alex get ready for taping


Today was the day my episode launched on The Quilt Show! It was so much fun to watch. They did such an excellent job of filming and keeping it natural. As far as I could tell, there was no editing. The day we shot the episode, I remember once or twice starting a segment over because it wasn’t flowing the way they wanted it to, but once they got it down, it seems like it stayed that way. If you watch, you will see the natural “errors” like when I said “the opposite of contrasting” because I couldn’t think of the word “matching.” Egads. We talked about a lot besides quilting–my blogging, weight loss, dogs, the construction of the studio, and at the end (you have to wait for the After Set) Ricky and I talk about our ancient history in the world of dog shows. As far as what I demo’d, I showed how I cut out circles free hand, and zig zag appliqué by machine without fusible, and then talked about fabric and thread choices, and demo’d a few simple embroidery stitches. It all seems like pretty simple stuff to me. But put it all together, and it makes some pretty art 🙂 Remember, if you are not a member of the quilt show, you will be able to see it on Dec. 15th. I will have a password for you to use to watch the show.

Setting up my demo's

Setting up my demo’s

What was truly fun for me is that this show came out the same week as my 60th birthday–a rather momentous birthday. And the second segment on “my” show was about a woman quilter, Laurie Hill Gibb, who, for her 65th birthday, decided to travel the country for a whole year in her van. This is something I have truly thought about doing ever since I was in junior high school and read Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley.” Steinbeck had a standard poodle named Charley (I named one of my standard poodles Charlie) and he traveled around the country with Charley in his camper. I do think that 65 will be a goal for me to do something like this!


6 thoughts on “SO. MUCH. FUN!!

  1. I can’t wait to see it! I’ll be looking for the code. Congratulations-your work is unique and beautiful and I’m thrilled that you are being recognized.

  2. I am a member of The Quilt Show and saw “your show” and fell in love with your style of quilts. I have got to add this to my tool belt. Thank you for your inspiration.

  3. I love the comment that “Even an artist needs a holiday.” You use of hand stitching in your work is really inspiring … love the colors and the textures created. Congrats on the Quilt Show Episode. Can’t wait to get the code. Thanks for sharing your work with the world!

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