The Quilter’s Holiday Continues

Here’s the table runner I made just for fun:


In the measure twice, cut once department, I thought it was going to hang at least 10 inches over the edge of the table. It only hangs 5 inches over. Not sure what happened there. But its cheery and I got to play with some of that Christmas fabric and actually FINISH a Christmas project (don’t ask me how many unfinished Christmas tops I have.)


And I did finally get my rug hooking out, and I am “hooked” on pulling loops. Can’t stop! So I am almost done filling in the dark crosses on this double cross rug. And then comes the fun (and more challenging) part of filling in the lighter, brighter crosses. (I love it when my close-up pictures are so clear that the inevitable dog hair also shows clearly.)


Yesterday I was missing my sewing machine, so I went back out to the studio and sewed together the leftover strips from the table runner into a giant random log cabin block, and put a wide border of “snow” (my favorite soft white Kona fabric) around it. I put the wide border around it because my BF and I had been commiserating about how much we love feathers. So if I get this quilted, it will have feathers, and I will show it to you.

I’m having fun on my Quilter’s Holiday. I hope you are giving yourself a little time to do what you really love during this special time of the year.

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