In Case You Were Wondering

I was supposed to give you a code so you would be able to watch my episode of The Quilt Show yesterday. There is a little delay in getting this code from The Quilt Show, but as soon as I get it, I will pass it along to you! In the meantime, you could do the puzzle they made out of my quilt “After The Wedding.” Choose the 100 piece NON-rotating–its fun!

I started the piece with the feathers. I have to admit, its more fun to think about feathers than to actually quilt them. With quilting the feathers comes the angst of what do I put in between them??





5 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wondering

  1. Yes!!! Echoes! They serve to define/accent the plumes and, if done in multiples very close together, really gives a trapunto effect. Tight McTavishing/swirls, pebbles, stippling, etc is what I do. Nothing “hard and fast” as far as “rules”….each situation speaks differently.

  2. I always was crummy at puzzles. So I did the 36 piece NON rotating one. “Only” took me 9 min 36 seconds, ha ha. But it was fun, and such a pretty quilt!
    Hope they give you that code, looking forward to the show.

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