That In-Between Quilt


I might have showed you this one before. But at some point it got put away, and I never finished the quilting on it. I knew exactly what I wanted to do–I had to make the writing and the lilies show up by quilting “wood grain” into the cross. I got it out, did a little scribble practice on my sampler sandwich (I always keep a little square ready to try out new designs. Gives me confidence in going to the actual quilt,) and went to town. I was most anxious to get this one done and soaked, because I had used blue pen for the writing and the lilies. And then I had to fairly carefully block it, because of course, the more intense quilting wanted to draw up. I soaked and spun it out in my washing machine, and then blocked it directly on the design wall. Please don’t ask me if I used rulers or anything 🙂


9 thoughts on “That In-Between Quilt

  1. Dear Debby, Congratulations! You are putting “QUILT” back into the quilting world where too many (in my opinion) just do patchwork and farm out the part that makes it a quilt!

    Your quilting just makes that piece so beautiful. I am so happy to see you and your work progress.

    Congrats again and the very best of wishes for this new year,



    • Well, thank you Marianne. I enjoy machine quilting as much as I enjoy the handwork. It doesn’t always come out the way I envisioned, so when it works, I am doubly pleased.

  2. Oh my, I am in love with this! I always enjoy your colorful patches, but the quilting in between on this is stunning! And the contrast between the color and the cream quilting just intensifies that effect.

    Reminds me of a longtime favorite look in embroidery, whitework. Or ecru, or cream. 🙂

    LOVE this, truly.

  3. I just came across your blog and just love the whole thing. Your gardening adventures with all the pictures, your dogs, and now your quilts. I also quilt and find your whole blogs so inspiring. Also your quilting of scripture verses is phenomenal. Thank you so much and keep up the good work. This is the first time I am learning about blogs. Yes – I admit to being a dinosaur. 🙂 How do I access this site again? I found you “On the Quilt Show”.
    Now I must go and quilt. Happy and Healthy 2016.

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