The End, She Said

I finally finished all the straight line quilting on this quilt, and then started in on the words. I mapped out where I wanted them, and tried a couple of different “white” markers on the dark background. In the end, I think I liked the old General’s white chalk marker the best. I tested several different colors and weights of thread, and decided on a #5 Perle cotton. I labored over one word (its not that pleasant embroidering on a heavily quilted background) and hung it on the design wall. That was NOT the look I was going for. I decided to change to machine quilting the words, and again auditioned several thread weights and colors. I chose what I thought was right, did one letter, and put it on the design wall. THAT was not the look I was going for either. I looked around again, decided on a #12 Sulky variegated yellow thread, dutifully changed my needle to a “metallic” needle (they have larger eyes, which usually works okay with the heavier thread.) I did two letters this time, and heard “CLUNK” (that awful sound your machine makes when the bobbin case jumps out of its holder) and stopped. I put it on the design wall, and this was the look I was going for. But I was disgusted with my machine and was not in the mood to fight with it over this heavier thread. So I went to the gym 🙂

Later that afternoon, I came home and tried one more time. No more clunks, and I finished the lettering. After dinner I picked out the first letter that was done with the wrong thread, re-did that, and this quilt was finished! (Oh, in case you’re wondering, a lot of the time I put the binding on before I put the lettering on.)


And I realized that at that point I had finished all the quilts that I had planned to finish for this exhibit. SUCH a good feeling. Now, sure, there is another quilt in my mind that I would REALLY like to do, but it will just be a bonus if I do happen to have time to get it done. I am going to a rug hooking retreat next week, which requires that I switch gears, and so it feels very good to have this group of quilts completed.

10 thoughts on “The End, She Said

  1. I love that you audition fonts and threads. I never would have thought of doing that…I’d be all in, and then if I didn’t like how it turned out, I’d throw the quilt in a closet. I suspect your way is much better. 😉

    Beautiful piece. And big congrats on getting everything finished well before the exhibit! You have some good discipline, my friend.

  2. The quilt is simply beautiful and you have inspired me to complete my scripture quilt -Galatians 5:19-21. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Betty P.

  3. Oh, this turned out gorgeous. The script lettering, even though thin, shows up so well!
    Also, I thought of you when I saw a post from Jane LaFazio. I’m taking an online course called Sketchbook Skool, and she is this weeks teacher. In addition to sketchbooking, she loves making art quilts. She says she gets a lot of her ideas for them from her sketchbook pictures. Anyway, I thought you’d enjoy this post, it made me think of you and how you play with layers, free motion stitching and embroidery:

    • Thanks, Loretta! And yes, I am a big fan of Jane LaFazio’s! I used to follow her blog. This month she is on the cover of Quilting Arts magazine, and it just reminded me of how much I like her work and her process. Thanks for the link. Off to check it out!

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