Some Exciting News!


Two years ago I had the opportunity to do an exhibit of my Housetop Quilts at the Oak Hills Church in Folsom, CA. Since then I have worked on two new series of quilts, The Psalms, and The Signature of Jesus. And Monday, I delivered 25 quilts to Oak Hills. They will be on display until Easter Sunday, April 5. Anyone is welcome to visit and view them. Of course, the gallery area will be open every Sunday morning, from about 9am-12noon. And you can also visit during the week, Tuesday through Friday. Just call the church office (916.983.0181) to make sure the gallery is open. (The gallery is in their very large sanctuary lobby.) I will be at the church this Sunday, February 22, sitting and demonstrating my handwork. Fun!


I can’t say enough good things about this church. They have encouraged me to be an artist, and have provided an opportunity to share my work with others. When I delivered the quilts, two artists were there to help hang them, and they were laid out and arranged and rearranged to make a beautiful display. It is truly exciting to be able to see all of your work in one sitting like this. Teresa is the artist in charge of the program. She makes Pysanki eggs–they are phenomenal! Go to her website and view the galleries–you will be amazed!


And another bit of very good news! The Quilt Show has gotten the kinks out of their system, and are set up for people to be able to view “my” show for free February 22 through March 8. Clicking on this link should take you directly to the show. THIS LINK WILL NOT WORK UNTIL FEBRUARY 22. I hope you will watch and enjoy. The Quilt Show does a wonderful professional job at producing each show. I truly enjoy watching each new episode. In addition, TQS has a wonderful website with lots of free instructions, ideas, news, and just fun stuff.

Here’s the trailer they created for my show!


8 thoughts on “Some Exciting News!

  1. Oh goodie, I finally get to see “your” show. I kept checking, and thought I must have just missed it. Yay!

    How wonderful to have your God-given talent acknowledged and encouraged by this church. I know people will be blessed by this show!

  2. Off topic a bit, hope you don’t mind if I ask a “technical” question… how are these hung? I don’t remember how you finish the back, though I’m sure you’ve post about it. Is there a dowel in the back? Just curious…thanks, Debby.

    • Wellll, I guess I’ll say it out loud here. We actually staple them up. I know there are some quilters that will squirm at the thought. Many of my quilts have “sleeves” on the back, and that is where a hanging rod would go to hang them. But not everyplace is equipped to hang quilts that way. At home I usually use clear plastic push pins, and put them right in the ditch where the binding joins the quilt.

      • gasp! 😉

        I was curious cuz I’ve always loved the idea of a hanging tapestry, and been toying with the idea of painting on loose hanging canvas or linen or… but wasn’t sure how I wanted to hang it. I do remember now you writing something about tabs for dowels. That seems like a good idea; maybe with a cord attached to each end as an alternative easy way for someone to hang… just thinking… 🙂

        I was looking again at the quilts, and on that last quilt pic, I don’t remember seeing on your blog the two at the very left. This is such a beautiful show!

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