Never Ending Nine Patch

**I wrote this last August, and just discovered that I never hit “publish.” Its the prequel to tomorrow’s post, so I needed to publish it today 🙂 **

Do you remember my love for my box of little two inch squares? That box always stays full. If it starts to get a little low on two inch squares, I just cut a few strips of favorite fabrics and fill it back up. If I come to the end of a project, and there are just a few scraps of fabric left, I cut that into two inch squares.

Once a month I meet with my sewing ladies. For the past couple of years I’ve just taken my box of two inch squares and made nine patches out of them. Eventually I planned to make an entire bed sized quilt out of these nine patch blocks.

This is how I do it: I just lay out 5 blocks of one color and 4 blocks of another, and construct each block one at a time.


By the end of sewing day, I usually have a pile of 10-15 blocks.


Eventually I started sewing the nine patch blocks into sixteen patch blocks (which made an 18″ square block.)


Here I am auditioning them on the design wall. You can see I have one focus fabric, a lovely Lonni Rossi print, that I am using as a focus fabric.


Sigh. I still need a LOT of those nine patch blocks.

4 thoughts on “Never Ending Nine Patch

  1. Sewing together those squares while at sewing group sounds like a good, mindless task…much like when I get together to knit with someone, I take a simple project so I can chat and not miss doing a pattern correctly. I like your color combinations!

  2. I am in love with these blocks too. They seem to radiate a lot of personality for such a “basic” 9 patch. But which is your focus fabric and how often do you include it? Mine are usually so scrappy they don’t hold together as well! Thanks

    • I will include a photo of the focus fabric in tomorrow’s post! I probably only included it about a quarter of the time? I also used more taupe and other neutral fabrics than I normally would have.

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