Background Experiments

A few posts back, I showed you the pile of 3″ squares and the snowball quilt I was working on.


Here’s the finished snowball quilt. I put a simple wide black border on it, influenced by the great Amish quilts I saw at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles. By the way, if you are ever in the area, I can’t recommend this museum highly enough. They have great exhibits, and it is so lovely to see quilts displayed in such a beautiful way.


Well, it seems my figuring was a bit off, because I finished that snowball quilt top, and still had a huge pile of 3″ squares. When auditioning backgrounds for the snowball quilt, I came across a piece of dyed golden beige fabric. It was really pretty with the jewel tones of the squares, so I put it aside, thinking that I might experiment with it after the snowball top was done. I only had 1/2 yard of the golden beige fabric, so this one was smaller.


I had fun making these squares–you can see here, I simply zigzagged one of my many 2″ squares in the middle of the 3″ square. And the other ones I cross-cut 4X, inserting free-hand cut strips of the background color. Then I had to square up the finished piece to the original size.


And THEN, I still had a big pile of the 3″ squares leftover. And I think I was looking at some of the modern quilts at QuiltCon (BTW, its going to be in California next year!!!) and I saw a black and white quilt, and that gave me the idea to play around with my black and white fabrics. This quilt was quite fun. I simply cut 3 1/2 inch and 6 1/2 inch strips, and improvised as I went along.


After I cut those strips with a rotary cutter, I did all the rest of the cutting with my scissors. This method worked out pretty accurately. After I sewed a strip on, I simply carefully folded the strip back on itself, matching the bottom edge of the seam, and making sure the unsewn edge of the strip matched the side of the sewn edge. I held it carefully in place and cut along the fold.




My goal this week was to get all three of these made into quilt sandwiches. I am hoping by doing this that I won’t continue to add to my pile of unfinished quilt tops. And also, I am ready to move on to some serious projects, so I wanted to clear out the studio.

Mission accomplished–this picture represents the final sandwich being completed! You can see I still have a little bit of cleaning up to do 🙂


8 thoughts on “Background Experiments

  1. Debbie………I LOVE all 3 and your approach to finishing up all that you started with made me smile!!!! Now, on to the quilting (the part I love the best!!!)! Your creativity is totally inspiring and motivating!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! This week I’ve been reblogging those sites I feel are ‘injecting’/supporting/encouraging the excitement I feel with this art and hope to share, so I MUST add your post to these!!!!! Hugs……………………

    • Well thank you so much! Blogging and journaling actually helps me to process the work that I’ve done, that’s why I try to share what I’ve done as I go along.

      I forgot to add that I STILL had some of those darn 3″ squares left when I was done, so I pieced them together and included them in the back! Done and done!

  2. Reblogged this on Treadlemusic and commented:
    In the spirit of sharing awesome gals who have totally inspiring artistic/quilty creativity AND give us ideas on how to not add to our stash but utilize all that’s waiting in the shadows of our treasured stash!!! Enjoy!!! And, please, feel free to leave your thoughts on all the Debbie shares………………………………

  3. Hey! I recognize some of that b/w fabric – it’s hanging right behind me! 🙂

    Love all the bright colorful happy quilts! The lattice top is intriguing to me and I like how it’s skewed. You are so prolific with your quilts!

  4. I love the idea behind the snowball quilt! It is fantastic – the change of size of just one simple block makes this a stunning quilt top. I can’t wait to see how you quilt this! The other two tops are great too but I keep coming back to look at the snow balls. Thanks for sharing. BTW I discovered your blog through Treadlemusic

  5. Wow….you are being MAJOR productive! Love you sharing your process. And on that snowball quilt… did you baste it? Are those the pin-thingies that Leah Day uses? How far apart do you pin? I pin the heck out of things after pulling all layers tight and STILL have bubbles/puckers.

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