Endless Stitching

Whose smart idea was it to do kantha stitching over the ENTIRE BACKGROUND of my latest quilt? Its not a very big quilt, but it seems like I will NEVER finish. Its all straight-line stitching, of course, and I am only stitching through the top and the batting, so it is fairly easy stitching. But it is a LOT. Its not nearly as fun and interesting as the circles 🙂

Here’s a couple of views of it resting on the ottoman in front of me. Note to self: when it is resting there, its not being stitched…



And here is another little quilt that I did for some dear friends. The wife asked if I would be willing to make a small quilt for their 60th anniversary! Of course I would. I admire both of them. Both are strong and intelligent people, who have worked at having a good committed marriage, something I admire very much. My friend showed me a plate with the colors that they liked, and that is where the simple color scheme came from. I used more than the usual amount of lazy daisy/leaf type stitches, as that was reminiscent of the pattern on the plate.




10 thoughts on “Endless Stitching

  1. I really like how all the shapes come together like enhance each other sort of like two people in a marriage. Is the red rectangle a piece of fabric with those designs on it or did you embroider the designs? It’s difficult to see in the photo on my ipad. Thanks.

  2. I so love your kantha work and your circle work. And then combined? Well. Just my favorite thing.

    I’ve finally joined the 21st century and started a Pinterest site. Do you mind if I “pin” some of your quilt work on my Fiber Art favorites board? (I’ll understand if you prefer not to, it’s not everyone’s cup o tea).

  3. Your psalm quilts are so powerful–your Kantha stitching so compelling, IMO. You wrote that you are “only stitching through the top and the batting …” Please, would you tell me how thick your batting is? I’ve been researching Kantha, and know that, traditionally, pieces of worn out sari’s were used. I’ve not anything on the thickness of the batting for modern Kantha stitching. Could you please share how you determine the thicknesses that are best for your quilts? Thank you
    Blessings, Doree

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