Another Psalm Quilt Finished


This quilt is a good lesson in “just continue on.” I actually had decided I didn’t like this quilt, in the stage where I just had the circles pinned in place. I was going to put it in the thrift store pile, but I do find it hard to do that, so I just threw it in the closet. A few months later, I was looking for something to do some handwork on, and I brought it back out. Well, maybe just for fun…


The more I stitched on it, the more I liked it. And then it ended up being the one that I completely stitched over the whole surface! In my defense, one of the reasons I disliked it was because I didn’t do such a good job making the quilt sandwich. This was one of the projects I worked on in my little self-retreat up in Lake Tahoe last fall, and I only had my Featherweight with me. Anyway, I decided to let that go and just stitch away. I’m glad I did.


The Psalm that I chose for it is one of the passages that Wendy and I loved when we started working with the kids in the village in Haiti.




3 thoughts on “Another Psalm Quilt Finished

  1. I saw a pin of this on Pinterest and I am so glad that I clicked through to your site. This is an amazing, beautiful quilt. I love your style and especially the bible verses.

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