Cleaning Up and Switching Gears

I’ve been telling myself I needed to get back to rug hooking for quite a while. A couple of mornings ago, I went into the studio, determined to switch gears. I was still mid-stream with the “what they said” series. So I decided to finish putting together the sandwiches that day, and at least that part of the project would be complete. I was afraid that if I didn’t do that, I might never finish. Eighteen little quilt sandwiches complete! The embroidery on the wording is coming along quite well. I work on those in the evening.

And so the NEXT morning, I put away the sandwiches and the remainder of the bolt of Kona Snow, and I got out my rug hooking. I need to have enough room to spread out my wool “worms. My cutting desk is just right.


The NEXT MORNING, I walked in the room and thought, wouldn’t it be nice to work in a clean studio? And really, ten minutes later, it was clean enough. And so much nicer to work in.


Some parts of rug hooking are similar to quilting. Value is very important, and auditioning colors and fabrics for projects looks much the same.



Different hooking techniques are tried out.



Pictures are taken and shared with my one rug hooking friend to get input and advice.

And then, finally, I am ready to get to work! Sometimes I have to gently tell myself that all this pondering and experimenting are an important part of the artistic process.


3 thoughts on “Cleaning Up and Switching Gears

  1. Yes…..we DO get in a creative hype when thinking on these things and want to jump ahead to the actual process when what is really needed is some prep/ground work. I have to do a bit of “self talk” to get passed this otherwise I’m fmq by sop!!!! SOP (seat of my pants) usually results in a bit(?) of frogging at some point!!!! Love your studio!!! I would love a seating area like your but something major would have to go!!!!!! I love rug hooking (primitive) and haven’t done it in decades!!!

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