Before I Go Into the Studio…

Before I go into the studio, I feel I must post my progress here. After the last post, I got an idea of how to finish the design on the quilted embroidery piece. And that was it. I spent every evening working on this little piece, and one whole rainy day.


As I got close to finishing the design, I thought maybe I could add some more french knots in the background. So I picked out 6 different weights and colors of perle cotton, and sprinkled them randomly around the empty spaces.



Now I have two of these little quilt embroideries. Whatever will I do with them? I do think I will mount them on the painted boards, and of course, if I ever really get serious about teaching, they will be wonderful class samples. Both of them are about 12 inches square.


The other stitch I use quite frequently is the lazy daisy stitch. Maybe that will be my next little quilted embroidery. By doing the embroidery on a quilt sandwich, that provides plenty of stability, and I never have to use a hoop or a frame (something I have never enjoyed, even as a child.)

And now I will disappear into the studio! I made great progress on the hooked rug piece last week, and will share that later. I plan to switch gears again soon, and get back to quilting and piecing 🙂


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