I am Loving This!

So many times you get a new idea, and the idea is so much brighter and shinier than what you are actually able to create. This was a very simple idea, simply executed, and to me, it looks just as good as, or better than, my idea.


I have been stitching on it non-stop since my last post, and have only stopped long enough to work on another strip-pieced top to highlight–guess what? My collection of pink and coral threads šŸ™‚ I am thinking about adding a bit to this pieceĀ besides the simple strip piecing, so it is sitting on my design wall while I cogitate on that a bit.

So fun when one idea takes you in a new direction. And that direction turns out to be something that pleases you both aesthetically and tactile-y. This straight line stitching is easy on the hands, and the only decision I have to make is which color of thread to use next.


For this piece I am using #8 perle cotton. The brands I use are DMC, Finca, and Valdani. I use my favorite Clover leather thimble, and self-threading needles.Ā The strips are cut free hand (in case you were wondering about them not being perfectly straight.)

2 thoughts on “I am Loving This!

  1. Looks great, Debby. I’m with you on the straight line quilting by hand. I’m anxious to get my most recent piece basted so I can start doing it again. It’s rather addictive, I’ve found.

  2. This is beautiful! It looks like a slice of the earth and sky and the straight stitching is the perfect textural addition. We are heading out for our annual camping trip soon and I’ve packed some fabric and embroidery thread to practice straight line stitching on.

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