Ghosts of Quilting Past

Oh my my my. I showed the fire quilt to MLG (master landscape guy) and that gave him the idea that he could buy a baby quilt for his new grand baby from me. I have lots of unfinished quilt tops, and was pretty sure one or two might work for babies, so I said I’d look around and show him what I had available the following week. I looked in my quilting closet and found a few, and then went out to the storage shed to look through the bins that were out there.

If ever I thought my art quilting had not improved over the years, I found proof in those boxes. In the “what was I thinking of” category, there were several almost completed “art quilts.” Distressing. Too bad to even share on this blog.

But the good news was, it also made me look at all of my many unfinished projects, and I found a fair amount of really nice, traditional type quilt tops.

I found a top that MLG liked for his grand baby, featuring plants and birds 🙂


And I found this little piece that was essentially completed. I was enamored of buttons at one point, and had quite a collection. And just playing with colors and wool and thread. Yesterday afternoon I quilted the straight lines  on the background, and then decided that I liked the backing fabric for a binding. I went to my chair to hand sew the binding on, and there was this hank of perle cotton on the arm of the chair. Hmmm. That would be a fun way to sew the binding down.

And ta! da! A little fun piece is finished.


Close ups:



You can see I sewed the wool squares on by hand and by machine. Also, notice how the wool squares are “wonky.” Wool tends to want to stretch out of shape while you’re sewing it. That’s okay with me, but I’m not sure what you would do if you didn’t want that to happen. Maybe use fusible?

Anyway, this look has given me a lot of quilting to think about and hopefully work on. Best stop writing and get to work!

8 thoughts on “Ghosts of Quilting Past

  1. You have THAT in your storage shed? The colors on the plants and birds quilt are divine! And the “little piece” is so charming. Wow, what treasure.

    • The fun part about finding old quilt tops is that they were just that–my favorite fabrics, all put together in one top. Its very fun to re-visit those things, and remember where you were and what you were thinking when you made it.

  2. OK, I was a little worried about the buttons on a baby quilt, but then I read closer and realized that they are two separate pieces! I love the little button quilt and I am glad the baby will be getting such a cute quilt too.

  3. Quilts in a storage shed–now that’s the first time I’ve heard of that. I’m glad you rediscovered them so you can give them the love they deserve. The baby quilt is perfect for a grampa who works in nature to give to his grandbaby. I love buttons on quilts. I have a handmade collection that I bought from a ceramics artist who was closing out her work, and I like to use them as sort of a signature (her signature?) in my wall quilts.

  4. You might have this already, but I just got one.


    I have been working on baby blankets and quilts. My kids are at the ages where they are being invited to showers. I needed a really good stash of gifts.

    LOVE the little quilt with the buttons you posted. Really cute.

  5. I love the connection of your quilt going to MLG’s grandbaby. And that is such a perfect theme, coming from him.

    Now, that button quilt with the hand stitching? LOVE IT. So charming!

  6. We have a UFO registration/contest each year at my guild. The most useful part for me is just pawing through to see what I have – some are “What the HECK?”, but sometimes I find something I really like that got put aside for some reason and forgotten. The button quilt you found is a real gem. You could create a great hand embroidery class using it.

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