A Great Opportunity!

Earlier this year I watched a webcast on SAQA by Maria Shell. She was so organized and articulate, with lots of great visuals. I was immediately interested in learning more about her. I found her blog, which is an outstanding blog–well written, and with lots of fun and interesting photographs. She even provided a link to some music that I really enjoyed 🙂 And besides all that, she does absolutely wonderful work!

Treasure Map

Maria has studied extensively with Nancy Crow, but has developed her own unique style of quilting and piecing and creating art. She will be speaking several times in Houston, and I am really looking forward to that. But I am even more looking forward to taking a workshop with her in Santa Cruz, CA at the South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild, “Making Prints out of Solids.” There are still openings in this workshop! I would encourage any of you to take advantage of this opportunity if you are anywhere in California. Maria makes her home in Alaska (part of what makes her blog so interesting!) so this is a rare opportunity to learn with her. I am totally looking forward to a day of cutting fabric into little pieces and sewing them back together 🙂


(P.S. Many thanks to Maria for graciously allowing me to share photos of her work on my blog!)

3 thoughts on “A Great Opportunity!

  1. Thanks for the heads up-I would LOVE to go but that’s right after Houston plus right before a couple of teaching gigs. Oh you will so enjoy her! I’m jealous.

  2. Hi Debby, your expose of Maria’s work lead me to her site, which in turn led me to TED, which I had never heard of. I am totally enthralled by what it has to offer. Isn’t it amazing where our quilting interest leads us!! Cheers, Helen in Oz.

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