Moving Along

It seems like progress has been slow lately, but if you just keep plugging along, eventually stuff gets accomplished.

I thoroughly enjoyed my quick trip to Santa Cruz for Maria Shell‘s workshop! I stopped at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, and they had a brand new exhibit up–what a treat!

Maria’s workshop was great, and she had lots of ideas for us to try using solid fabrics to make prints.

I had this great grouping of fabrics in my tote bin, and right away I thought “wouldn’t those work together well?”


So I used them to make these curved pieces. When I started working on them, I wasn’t quite so charmed with their colors. So I put them up on my design wall when I got home, and I am pondering the possibilities. Even if I don’t use these particular pieces, I love the technique that she taught, and I know I will use it again soon.


My gardener was due for a visit, and so the pressure was on to finish the quilt for his first granddaughter. Do any of you have “issues” with charging for your work? I don’t ever want to do anything for free, but on the other hand, I would not pay what I charge for a baby quilt–I want to say “go to Marshall’s, you can get a great baby quilt there for a fraction of the cost.” Nonetheless, we traded work hours for the quilt. MLG has done a miracle in my yard–worth so much more than a quilt.


Here is the finished quilt–I just quilted simply around the birds, put some radiating lines around the “frames,” and did simple wavy lines in the sashing. I ended up following the fabric pattern to quilt the border. I wanted it to be sturdy, but not too densely quilted for a quilt that I hope is used and loved for a long time.


I had the idea to cut out one of the bird prints, and use that space for the baby name and info. I was really pleased with how this came out.


In the meantime, mostly in the evenings, I kept plugging along at the little squares that I was embroidering. Last night I finished the 153rd square! Now I am going to quilt it, and add a backing fabric onto it. I had a muslin back on it, just for stability, but now for the first time I am going to try my idea of adding a second back so that the embroidery thread work won’t show on the back. I am only going to show you a few of the squares that I finished. You’ll have to wait until its finished to see the whole thing.



(oops, I just noticed I didn’t finish the french knots on this one!)



And now on to the studio!

5 thoughts on “Moving Along

  1. LOVE it all! Oh the Maria Shell blocks are divine. And I love all the texture on your embroidered blocks. What a lucky gardener you have. I just don’t make stuff for people-they have no idea how much talent and expertise it takes. Yes, the quilt you made was simple. It is a blessing to him and his grand daughter so I guess that is the pay back.

  2. Fun update! I really like the curved blocks – they seem unlike anything you’ve done, so of course I can’t wait to see you add your “Debby touch” to them.

    Stitching the baby’s name on the quilt was a great idea and the font you used is so cute. Then entire thing is just wonderful.

    Ahhhhh, your hand stitching!!! I love it, but you know that. Looking forward to picking up my piece and stitching again – but first, I have to finish some knitting projects. Noticed a bald head in my FB news feed, so that hat must come first.

  3. I love your interesting little blocks. Keep working with your curvy blocks–the colors are yummy. I am sure you will come up with an eye pleasing arrangement. As for the photo of your garden…….WOW. You have really transformed that space. Happy Friday. mickie

  4. Curved blocks are gorgeous, Can’t wait to see you do something with them…. I’, sure you can dream up a quilt for them. Love that you exchanged gardening for a baby quilt…. Both garden and quilt lovely. In fact your garden is a wonderful transformation.


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