Entering a Quilt Show

When last I wrote I was working on finishing a couple of quilts, in hopes of entering them in the Modern Quilt Guild’s QuiltCon show. Oh, I just checked, and I didn’t mention that I was planning on entering them. I seldom enter quilt shows, for several reasons. First and foremost is because I am not organized enough to plan ahead for deadlines. Secondly, they are expensive to enter! And third, I don’t actually agree with how some quilt shows seem to be judged. Rather than looking at the quilt as a whole artistic piece, the quilts are sometimes eliminated for technical details, like a less-than-perfect binding. (don’t kill me for this statement–its commonly written about by judges and entrants alike.) I used to show dogs, and sometimes the same thing would happen. Dogs were eliminated for certain small faults, and so in the end sometimes a common-looking dog would win, and the most beautiful outstanding dogs would be dismissed from the ring. So, the fourth reason I don’t enter is because I know that my quilts have some of these common technical “faults,” and I am unwilling or unable to change those things.

Back to the Modern Quilt Guild. It is having Quilt Con here in my state next February. I was quite excited about this, and joined so that I could have a chance to get into some of the classes, and I decided to splurge and plan to spend all four days at the show. So then I thought about trying to enter a few of my quilts. I’m not sure if they are modern, but I know that they are different, and I would like to share them with other people.

The deadline was November 30, and right on time, there I was on November 30, filling out the online entry forms, and taking pictures of my quilts with the right amount of pixels per side. In the end I entered six quilts. I told my BF that it was my version of playing the lottery. Maybe if I entered more, one would make it? Most of me knows that there is very little chance that they will make it into the show. The other part of me actually enjoys my own work and knows that it is worth being seen by other people.

Here are the last two that I showed you almost finished, and that I entered. The other four you have already seen elsewhere on the blog.

His Kingdom Will Never End


And close-ups:



A Closer Look


And close-ups:





(Both of these quilts were made with Cherrywood fabrics. All I had was their bags of 8X10 pieces, I think they call them Grab Bags for Crazies.)

One thing I do enjoy doing is exhibiting my quilts at various churches. My hope is that people will see words of Scripture in a new and different way and that that will make them stop and think about the meaning. Lately I have been displaying some of my quilts at my own church. Here’s a view of that:


After getting all those quilts entered on November 30, I followed my plan to “switch gears,” and I have been working on my rug hooking since then. I’ll write about that later in the week.

11 thoughts on “Entering a Quilt Show

  1. Debby, I love your quilts and am so glad you are getting to spread them to a larger audience. How wonderful that you have a display at your own church too. You are at the forefront of redeeming the arts for Christ and I can hardly wait to see what God does with all of this in the near and distant future.

  2. I too am glad that you are showing and sharing your quilts with others. SIX?? Wow, that shows you have depth in your inventory. I look forward to seeing them in show. I tried to get in a few classes and all were full. I’ll see you there.

    • Thank you Jenny. I tried to get in classes too (Gwen Marston,) and they were all full. And I was entering the first hour that classes were open! I signed up for quite a few lectures.

    • Well, thanks, Lorena! I enjoy posting my work–it helps me to see that I am actually completing things and making some progress.

  3. LOVE the first one especially. The quilting is very effective! Good luck on the show. I ride the fence also……I like my quilts to be seen – but I don’t like the entering process. Or the expense. Or the judging. 🙂 I guess I’ll just keep making them and putting them on my blog and call it good enough.

  4. Congratulations on taking the step to enter an important quilt show. Your ” Kingdom” quilt is particularly wonderful.

    As for the judging part, I have to agree, but then we are each judged by others all the time. Often, what they care about does not matter to us at all.

    I guess it’s all part of belonging to a group. Not a big price to pay when the judgement says more about the judge than about about the one being evaluated!

    Shows are fun because your work might just be included and then others will gain inspiration.

    Your blog is great and I really enjoy it!

    Marianne marianneburr.com marianneburrnews.wordpress.com


  5. Loved seeing your quilts. I know they would be beautiful seen in person. Love your kantha stitching…each little block begs to be looked at. I am remembering the first little quilt I entered at the state fair…there were so many gorgeous quilts on display, but none were more beautiful to me than my little one. Keep sharing your handiworks…we love seeing them and being inspired by them.

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