I Can’t Draw

I can’t draw! That’s what I’ve told myself ever since I was a little girl, and I still say it to myself today. Especially when I go to try and draw something that I see so clearly in my mind, and it comes out stupid and simplistic when I put it down on paper.

I have switched to rug hooking mode, and one of the things I need to do is to decide on a rug for the retreat I am going to at the end of January. I had the idea to do something using all the many duller, “primitive” wools that I have gathered, along with some of the brights that I love. I also wanted it to be fairly simple to stitch. The “cross” rug that I am working on is very fussy, and sometimes painfully slow to stitch. I wanted to go fast!

So I started drawing a geometric. Come on. Shouldn’t somebody with that big box of colored pencils be able to do better than that?


The other idea I had was a more organic “layered” look. I was influenced by the quilt on the right, and then I realized that that was because of some of the photos I had taken at Crystal Cove when we were on this retreat last winter (Picture on left.)


Aaargh. Not what I was seeing in my mind. I talked to my best friend, and she confirmed what I kind of already knew in my mind. I just need to practice drawing consistently. She quoted a well-known quilt artist, who said that she just spent 15 minutes a day drawing bad art.


Then I went back to working on the cross rug. I was debating putting a lion in there, and so I found a picture of a lion (love google images) and I drew it on there. And then I remembered that I had drawn all of the animals and plants on this rug.




I guess I can draw. I just need to practice a little more consistently.

Here are some great links to artists that I have enjoyed in the past few weeks. Laura Gaskin, was featured on The Quilt Show, and I was fascinated by her work. Beautiful! And Mary Fons, yes, daughter of the famous Fons of Fons and Porter, is just plain funny. And a good writer. Its a plus that she also speaks quilting.

One thought on “I Can’t Draw

  1. I think you are off to a great start. I have dabbled in drawing over the last couple of years with limited success. However, I just signed up for a new drawing class at our senior center and will be doing my 20 – 30 minutes a day of “looking at” objects and trying to show it on paper. I need to learn to depict the shading/light changes.

    I LOVE your little rug. It is so organic, and I love that you have a mixture of animals and things going on. (I have always been a fan of Grandma Moses and Will Moses and love looking at paintings or photos of scenes where there are lots of things going on. Yes, I love those “Where’s Elmo” photos too. ha ha ) Can’t wait to see what you do next on this little rug.

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