First Finish of the New Year!

I was looking for something else, and I found this older quilt that I had started hand quilting quite a long time ago. It seemed like just the project for my evening stitching during the holiday season. And then, when I got sick, I had even more time to just sit and stitch endlessly. Once I got started, I didn’t really want to stop, because I knew it might end up back in that pile of never-to-be-finished projects. And I really liked this quilt. I had had fun picking out the colors I would use, and how I would place them on the quilt.

I believe it is a pattern from Debbie Caffrey’s “Open a Can of Worms.” And originally, I think it was meant to be a signature quilt, where you could have friends put their signatures or best wishes in those white spaces. LOL. I don’t have that many friends. I just liked the pattern way back when.


I took this picture so you could see the hand quilting I did on the colored parts of the quilt. After that was all finished, I decided that I would outline quilt each white section with perle cotton the same color as the blocks nearest to that section.


And then I put the binding on it, and I even finished that by hand, because I didn’t feel like sitting at the sewing machine for that long. And then I threw it in the washing machine, and now I have a new quilt to use on my bed. A very cheery quilt 🙂

The last two days I’ve finally gotten back out into the studio, to work on my rug. Once I take such a long break from a project, it is hard for me to get back to it. I get intimidated, and feel like I just won’t know what to do next. So today, when I finished all the grassy area around the horse, it was a great victory. And it even still looks like a horse 🙂 Now more decisions need to be made. But now I feel a little more confident about my next step.


I am attending a rug hooking retreat at the end of January, and I am going to try doing an “improv” rug. The idea being, that it won’t be as fussy to work on as this rug, and will go a lot faster. I think it will be fun, and also it will be a way to use some of the wool that I’ve been gathering!

4 thoughts on “First Finish of the New Year!

  1. Oh Debby, I love this quilt!!! It reminds me of your nine-patch (that you weren’t entirely thrilled with), but the white X’s break up the colors and make it so striking. Plus the hand stitching and the perle cotton thread on the white areas just finish it beautifully. What a great start for the new year!!

  2. Was scanning thru my emails this morning and saw your posting…of course I opened it FIRST. Your blogs are always so inspirational. This quilt is quite pretty and I love your outlining work pulling from the colors of the adjoining blocks. The rug is coming along nicely too. KEEP SHARING YOUR BEAUTIFUL WORKS WITH US. mickie

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