QuiltCon Report

QuiltCon was a different kind of quilt show. First of all, their techno-wizardry is unsurpassed. From registering online for lectures and workshops, to entering quilts, and then to signing in when you got to the show, they were amazing! They had a bank of iPads in the lobby for you to register when you arrived! (and people standing by to help those of us who might be a little technically challenged.) They had an APP(!) which was quite handy to keep track of your schedule. They also had the most amazing goodie bag I’ve ever received. So many fabric samples and other fun stuff, AND a spiral bound graph paper journal AND a beautiful day planner with a photo of a quilt on each page!


Honestly, some of my favorite quilts were the big “charity challenge” quilts that they had lining the huge lobby. Very modern indeed!




The thing I liked best was that the quilts in the show were nicely spaced so that you could get a good look at them from a distance. Jenny wrote a great two part report about the show with lots of wonderful pictures.

And Maria shared the work of Molly Upton. I have been a fan of Molly’sΒ work since before I became a quilter, because one of her quilts was included in a publication “The 100 Best Quilts of the 20th Century.” Her work is amazing and challenging–that someone that young could create that body of work in two short years! And sad. Its still sad to me that she ended her life so soon. It was wonderful that her family was there to see the exhibit and hear the lecture.

Gwen Marston was the featured quilter and keynote speaker. I love Gwen’s work, and in fact she was one of the main reasons I wanted to go to QuiltCon. Sadly, even though I registered 10 minutes after it opened online, her classes were completely filled! Her lecture was as amazing as always. If you have not heard her speak, it is just something you MUST do! She is so encouraging, and funny, and inspirational. After hearing her speak, you want to run home and create a quilt of your own design. And you know you can do it, because she told you you could!

Here is one of her many small quilts that were on display:


The vendors at QuiltCon were very different. Very imaginative. And the booths were quite spacious.




This was my favorite quilt at the show. Then I remembered that it wasn’t actually IN the show. I love everything about it. I was delighted when I discovered that it was featured in the free issue of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine that was in the goodie bag!


Okay, here is my favorite quilt IN the show. Of course I like it. Its a circle πŸ™‚ After I looked at it for a while, I read the tag. It is made by Kathy York. I have long been a fan of her work.


And this was another favorite of mine. The pictures don’t do it justice.




And my favorite moment in the show? Finally making the decision to buy the Juki long arm sit down machine.




There is much more that I could say about the show, but I think I will leave it at that. The venue (Pasadena) was a great location for a show. It was easy to get around the town, and it was so nice to be in that great southern California weather in the middle of February.

7 thoughts on “QuiltCon Report

  1. Loved the pictures and notes. Thanks for posting. I have this blog set to send to my email, so when you post something, I see it immediately. Really like the quilt talk.

  2. Nice post Debby! Now the giggle is mine because I don’t remember one of the quilts you posted. You look so dog-gone happy with your new machine-like a kid with a new toy. Wait, you ARE a kid with a new toy! Thank you for the reference.

  3. That is a fantastic goodie bag – makes me want to sign up for QuiltCon, and I’m not a quilter! But I know one… πŸ˜‰

    Amazing quilts, and all so intriguing. I read the post about Molly Upton and now I’m sad – it’s like when you find an author you like, read all of their books, and then discover that they are dead…”but wait, I wanted MORE!” – such a shame as her quilts were really interesting.

    Still love that shot of you and your Juki – happy girl right there. πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the show with us! I know I will never get to attend one, and you have given me some wonderful images that I really enjoyed!

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